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Zack “Asmongold” is an American YouTuber/ Twitch streamer who is known for his World of Warcraft gameplay. Asmongold currently has 2.1 million followers on Twitch with more than 18k subscribers. At the moment, the content creator has 3 YouTube accounts with the usernames “ZackRawrr,” “Asmongold TV,” and “Asmongold.” He has been active on YouTube on the channel ZackRawrr since August 2008, and on Twitch since November 2016. Despite that, Asmongold has enjoyed a lot more success on Twitch. He has 622k subscribers on Asmongold TV, 941k subscribers on the Asmongold channel and around 319k subscribers on ZackRawwr despite the fact that the latter is his oldest YouTube account.

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Real NameZack
DOB April 20, 1990 (age 31)
Height5 ft 9 inches
Weight68 kg
AddressAustin, Texas
Marital Status/ PartnerUknown
Source of WealthContent Creator, Online streamer, YouTuber
Net Worth$200 thousand

How much is Asmongold’s total net worth?

As of Feb 2022, Asmongold is expected to have a net worth of around $200 thousand and when taking into consideration his overall success on Twitch, he is expected to have a number of sponsors and brand deals. Regardless, despite having more followers on Twitch than subscribers on YouTube, he has been able to garner a large number of views on his 3 channels on a monthly basis. Overall, he should be able to get around 40 million views on his YouTube content every month and has around 18k subscribers with an all-time high of more than 29.5k subscribers on Twitch. Hence, his overall net worth is expected to be around $3 million.

On what platform does Asmongold stream?

Currently, Asmongold only live streams on Twitch despite being able to generate a larger number of views on YouTube. He is very active on YouTube as well and posts around 8-10 videos on a weekly basis. Regardless, Asmongold only live streams on Twitch at the moment.

How much does Asmongold earn?

As mentioned above, Asmongold is able to generate around 40 million views on his YouTube content on a monthly basis and thus this should translate into earnings of around $160-200k per month. Additionally, Asmongold also has more than 18k subscribers on Twitch currently, a number that tends to fluctuate regularly. This should result in around $40k in earnings every month. Additionally, Asmongold is also one of the founding members of the gaming organization “One True Kind.” Hence, he is expected to earn a decent amount from his role in the organization alongside his various sponsorship related earnings.

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Overall, Asmongold’s yearly earnings are estimated to be between $2.5 to 3 million every year. This includes his earnings from the various social media platforms he is active on, along with other sponsorships/brand deals that he has signed.

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Asmongold’s Twitch career

A vast majority of Asmongold’s live streams on Twitch are related to World of Warcraft, although he had in the past played a range of other games as well. This includes the likes of PUBG, Apex Legends and the Dark Souls series. Asmongold has been active on Twitch since around November 2016 and has managed to register a consistent growth on the platform. He crossed the 1 million mark on Twitch in August 2019 and currently has around 2.1 million followers.

Asmongold achieved a subscriber-high of 29,529 active subscriptions back in September 2019, and underwent a huge spike in overall subscribers in July 2021. According to Twitch Tracker, he gained more than 7.5k subscribers on 3rd July alone but regardless of that, a bulk of Asmongold’s earnings come from YouTube.

Asmongold’s YouTube career

Asmongold is known to have been active on YouTube since at least August 2008. Despite that, he does not live stream on YouTube and does not have more than 1.3 million subscribers combined. However, Asmongold appears to have a loyal community on YouTube and is generally able to register more than 40 million views on the platform every month.

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Most of Asmongold’s YouTube content is about gaming, although quite a few of his videos can be considered comedy or about other lifestyle or entertainment related topics. He is most active on the AsmongoldTV YouTube channel and generally posts 1-2 videos a day. Just like his Twitch channel, Asmongold has managed to maintain a steady growth on YouTube as well and is extremely popular with his community. That has resulted in a high number of views despite a comparatively fewer number of subscribers on the platform.

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Earnings as a Twitch streamer

As mentioned above, Asmongold currently has around 18k subscribers on Twitch. This

number keeps fluctuating and the streamer is expected to earn around $40k from

the platform every month. This includes the income from advertising, subscribers and the regular donations that he receives from his community. Overall, Asmongold approximately earns around half a million dollars from Twitch in a year.

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Earnings as a YouTuber

Asmongold is incredibly popular on YouTube amongst his community and is thus able to register at least 35-40 million views on the platform every month. Hence, YouTube is expected to form a bulk of Asmongold’s overall earnings with him reportedly earning up to $200k from YouTube every year which translates to more than $2 million a year.

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Other sponsorship deals

Asmongold is expected to have a number of sponsors/brand deals and thus a good part of his earnings is expected to come from this category. However, the streamer has been generally tight-lipped about the sponsors that he has and thus there is not a lot of information about the kind of sponsorships that he has.


Again, Asmongold has not revealed a lot of information about the kind of expenditure that he incurs on a monthly basis. Overall, the streamer is expected to live a lavish lifestyle and is known to be from Austin, Texas. However, currently, no estimation about the kind of regular expenditure that he incurs is available.

In the news

Asmongold is one of the most popular streamers/content creators related to World of Warcraft and is a long-term World of Warcraft gamer although he has not played professionally. Asmongold was one of the most popular content creators on Twitch during World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ release in November 2020.

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Around August 2020, Asmongold spoke out against YouTuber Calvin “Leafy” Lee Vail and claimed that his content was aimed at “harassing” Imane “Pokimane” Anys. The streamer claimed that Leafy was merely trying to disguise “harassment” as “criticism.” Leafy was banned after posting multiple videos criticizing Pokimane and her supporters.

On 11th October 2020, Asmongold formed the “One True King” gaming organization along with the likes of streamers/content creators Mizkif, Esfand, Rich Campbell, and Tips Out. He has not played professionally for the organization despite being one of the founders. The streamer stated the following while announcing the organization: "We came up with this idea of making an org, and building the org around our friends – building the org around friendship in general.”

In November 2020, Asmongold revealed during a live stream that he was offered more than $300,000 to play a game and promote it. The streamer did not reveal which game he was talking about.

Since around May 2021, Twitch has seen a rise in the “gambling” streams that content creators host under the “Slots” category. Asmongold spoke against the “gambling” meta on Twitch and posted a tweet on 25th June 2021 encouraging the platform to completely ban it.


Q. Does Asmongold have a girlfriend?

Asmongold is unmarried and it is not known whether he has a girlfriend currently. He was known to be in a relationship with Samantha “Pink Sparkles” Tomlensen. However, the couple broke up towards the end of 2019.

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Q. Where does Asmongold stream?

Currently, Asmongold only live streams on Twitch despite posting up to 10 videos a week on YouTube.

Q. Where is Asmongold from?

Asmongold is from Austin, Texas.


Does Twitch verify your age? ›

In order to make changes to your account, Twitch must verify your identity. If you are unable to verify your identity, Twitch cannot assist you further. How old do you need to be to use Twitch? Twitch is intended for persons over the age of 13.

How much money do small 100 viewers Twitch streamers make? ›

According to CNBC, a Twitch streamer with about a 100-viewer average makes roughly $250 per 100 subscribers from ad revenue. Of course, in order to make that much, you've got to build up a somewhat large following which is no easy task.

How much does a 1k Twitch streamer make? ›

That being said, a streamer with 1,000 daily viewers could potentially make anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month through a combination of ads, subscriptions, donations, and other revenue streams.

Does Twitch need my SSN? ›

Just like any other job where money switches hands, Twitch requires your information for tax purposes Two tax forms are required in the Affiliate Onboarding process, both which require your SSN, to identify you.

How do you write a good Twitch bio? ›

You'll want to start with a descriptive word or phrase (Adjective / Descriptor), tell viewers who/what you are (Noun), describe the games you stream about (Games), and include your unique selling proposition (USP). (Yes–just like brands have a USP, Twitch streamers should consider developing one for themselves.

How many viewers do you need to make a living on Twitch? ›

You also need to have broadcasted 500 total minutes or more in the last 30 days, gone live for at least seven of the last 30 days, and had an average of at least three concurrent viewers over the last 30 days.

Does Twitch take out taxes? ›

The U.S. IRS requires Twitch to collect up to 30% from payments issued to non-U.S. persons who receive certain payments. Any applicable withholding tax will automatically be deducted from your payment(s). You may be eligible for a reduced rate of U.S. withholding tax under certain circumstances.

What is the starting salary for a streamer? ›

$2,208 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $4,291 is the 75th percentile. Salaries above this are outliers.

How does Twitch pay you? ›

A new lower $50 payout minimum is available with payout method set to ACH/direct deposit, eCheck/local bank, PayPal, or check. The payout minimum for the wire transfer payout method will remain $100 due to fees deducted.

How hard is it to make money on Twitch? ›

Let me give it to you straight: If you've just started streaming, it can be incredibly difficult to earn money on Twitch. For starters, you can't make money from subscriptions, Twitch Bits, game sales, or ads until you become a Twitch Affiliate or Partner.

How many followers on Twitch do you need to make money? ›

Affiliate Eligibility

At least 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days. An average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days. At least 50 Followers.

How much can a small streamer make? ›

A “small” streamer on Twitch earns between $50 and $1,500 a month. The more subscribers and donations they have, the bigger their earnings.

How much does an average streamer make a day? ›

How Much Money Do Twitch Streamers Make? That depends on the streamer. On average, expert streamers can make between $3,000 to $5,000 each month playing around 40 hours a week. That specific number doesn't include ad revenue, which averages about $250 every 100 subscribers.

How much do small Twitch streamers make per sub? ›

Twitch Affiliates make 50% of the subscription price, and a Prime subscription is $4.99 per month. For every subscriber, Affiliates make $2.49. Affiliates receive this income per subscriber monthly, as long as the viewers remain subscribers.

Does Twitch report income to IRS? ›

Twitch will report how much revenue you earn to the IRS. If you do not file a tax return, you may be penalized. You could still, in fact, file a 1099 tax return without a form and report your taxes.

Does Twitch send you a w2? ›

Twitch sends you a 1099 form.

Should I report Twitch income? ›

All revenue earned from streaming must be taxed, even if you are categorized as a hobby streamer. If you earn less than $600, you still need to file your earnings on the taxable earnings section of form form 1040 (line 21 labeled “other taxable earnings.”)

How do you start a catchy bio? ›

It's generally a good idea to include:
  1. Your name.
  2. Your current role or professional tagline.
  3. Your company or personal brand.
  4. Your goals and aspirations.
  5. Your 2-3 most impressive and relevant achievements.
  6. One quirky fact about you (if it's appropriate to the site)
Oct 20, 2022

How do you write a catchy short bio? ›

How to write a short bio
  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. State your company or brand name.
  3. Explain your professional role.
  4. Include professional achievements.
  5. Discuss your passions and values.
  6. Mention your personal interests.
Sep 3, 2020

How do you write a catchy bio? ›

9 Smart Tips on How You Can Write a Memorable Bio
  1. Follow the rules. Most publishers, including websites, have guidelines for bio writing. ...
  2. Customize it. ...
  3. Start strong. ...
  4. Keep it concise. ...
  5. Choose carefully between first- or third-person voice. ...
  6. Establish credibility. ...
  7. Make sure your words complement your picture. ...
  8. Advertise.
Jun 7, 2018

How much does a streamer with 10k viewers make? ›

Streamers in the top 100 on the platform make a minimum of $32,850 USD per month on Twitch via subs, bit donations, and ads alone. Streamers in the top 1000 on the platform made a minimum of $7,063 USD per month. Streamers in the top 10,000 on the platform make a minimum of $904 USD per month.

How to make money without a job? ›

11 ways to make money without a real job
  1. Get paid to test websites.
  2. Become a crowdworker.
  3. Design and sell t-shirts.
  4. Work as a transcriber.
  5. Shop for others.
  6. Sell crafts online.
  7. Get paid to pet sit.
  8. Sell your photos online.
Feb 8, 2022

What can I write off as a streamer? ›

Tax Deductions for Twitch Streamers

For live-streaming, equipment such as a mouse, camera, microphone, keyboard, monitor, CPU, and other types of equipment are deductible. The cost of upgrading equipment is also deductible. Games are excluded from this deduction.

Can you write off Twitch donations? ›

No, currently Twitch has no product that allows for charitable donations via Bits and subscriptions. However, if the creator is using the Twitch's Charity tool it allows you to donate to the charity through PayPal or a credit card. This makes the process much simpler, more transparent, and tax deductible.

Does Twitch take a cut of donations? ›

How much of the donations go to the charity? Twitch and PayPal Giving Fund do not take a cut of donations. Your entire donation minus payment processing fees go to the charity according to PayPal Giving Fund policies.

How much does the average live streamer make? ›


How much does a streamer with 20 viewers make? ›

How much does a streamer with - viewers make? Videos from smaller creators averaging 10-20 viewers show earnings between $50 and $250 on a monthly basis, mostly from subscriptions and donations.

Does Twitch pay monthly? ›

Future Payouts

You receive a payout once a month if your balance from your last payment exceeds the $50 or $100 threshold. If you don't exceed the balance in a given month, we roll your balance over to the next month.

Does Twitch pay per hour? ›

Twitch's 10 highest earners earn an average of $1,477 per hour of streaming. Even when you even the earnings out across the top 50, you still get an average rate of $732/hour. The top 10 streamed for an average of 2,709 hours (1st Aug 2019 - 1st Oct 2020), while the top 50 worked an average of 3,719 hours.

Can Twitch be a full time job? ›

Job Placement

Upon completion, successful candidates may be offered a full-time role at Twitch.

How much money do you need to cash out on Twitch? ›

Which payout methods are eligible for the $50 minimum? The $50 minimum is available for ACH/direct deposit, eCheck/local bank, PayPal, or check. Wire transfers will continue to require a $100 minimum due to processing fees.

Can a regular person make money on Twitch? ›

The more Twitch users you have following you, the better chance you have of making money. Set up monetization options. Once you have followers, you can set up subscriptions and donations on your Twitch channel. You can also look into sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and product sales.

What happens when you get 50 followers on Twitch? ›

Joining the Affiliate Program

The requirements to join the Affiliate Program are as follows: Reach 50 Followers. Stream for 8 hours. Stream on 7 different days.

Can you lose Twitch affiliate? ›

Yes, you can definitely lose your affiliate status on Twitch if enough people stop following. To maintain that lucrative position in the catalogs of channels they enjoy watching, affiliates need 500 average viewers per stream.

Can someone under 18 stream on Twitch? ›

People who are 13 or older but under the age of majority where they reside (varies based on legal residence, but is 18 in most U.S. states) may only use Twitch under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by Twitch's Terms of Service. Children under 13 may not use Twitch.

Can you get paid on Twitch if you are under 18? ›

To qualify for the Affiliate Program, you must simultaneously meet all four requirements over a 30-day period. I'm under 18, can I still sign up? Yes. Your parent or guardian will need to agree to the terms of the Affiliate Agreement, so make sure you have them with you when you go through the application.

Does Twitch allow 18+ content? ›

How does Twitch handle nudity in gaming? Games featuring nudity, pornography, sex, or sexual violence as a core focus or feature are entirely prohibited. Custom gameplay or visual modifications that include nudity or sex content, including uncensored patches, in otherwise allowed games are prohibited.

Is saying your age against Twitch TOS? ›

It's even against the rules of service to utilize the platform if you're under the age of 13. Typing in a chat room? Don't even consider it. However, as many people discovered the hard way, making jokes about being under the age of 13 is a punishable offense.

Is it OK for a 12 year old to stream on Twitch? ›

What is the age rating? According to Twitch, the minimum age rating is 13 years and a user between 13 and 18 years old should use the platform with an adult, according to the site's terms of service. Any under 13s found to have an account will be terminated.

Can you have kids on Twitch? ›

In order to register for a Twitch account you must be at least 13 years of age. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a child under 13 who has become a Twitch Services member, you can contact Twitch at to have their account terminated indefinitely and personal information deleted.

How long does it take for Twitch to pay you? ›

Payout typically takes 3-5 business days from submission date. Payout processing time can vary. Weekends and public holidays can increase the time for you to receive a payout. In case of rejected payout, follow the instructions in your payment rejection email.

Can I play music on Twitch? ›

Using Music on Twitch

Using unauthorized music on Twitch may result in a rights holder sending a takedown request under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) or similar laws or through a separate contractual process.

What's not allowed on Twitch? ›

As a streamer on Twitch you can be banned for saying any sort of threat to others, discriminatory words, general harassment, and by giving a threat to harm yourself. Streamers can also get banned or suspended for pretending to be Twitch staff or giving out the personal information of other people.

Can you cuss on Twitch? ›

Can You Curse on Twitch? According to Twitch's guidelines, you are allowed to swear while you broadcast, but if you cuss a lot, you should mark your content as mature. Many teenagers (and even younger children) watch content on Twitch, and this is the platform's way of trying to protect them.


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