TrainWreck reveals he makes "much more" than $1M a month off gambling deal (2023)

TrainWreck reveals he makes "much more" than $1M a month off gambling deal (1)

Twitch streamer TrainWreck revealed on Thursday that he is making "much more" than $1M USD a month off his deal with, the gambling site where he spends most of his streams playing high stakes casino games. The comment came in response to a user who claimed he is make $1M USD a month.

"I'm not making $1M a month, I am making much more," Train stated. "The f*ck you mean $1M a month? That was the first month, buddy. Do you see what I gamble with? [...] I mix what I make and what I already have together, and I gamble raw. Now has that been smart for me? Absolutely F*cking not. [...] This shit is nuts, I am getting f*cked."

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He said he would happily share what he makes, but that he can't because Stake would "get upset at [him]" if he did, since it would set a bar for everyone. He also clarified that he doesn't get paid hourly as some have claimed, though he is required to gamble 4-hours per session on stream to get paid his sponsorship from Stake.

The comment provides some clarity to the speculation around how much Train is paid to gamble on Stake. Train made headlines in January after he won a jackpot following his promise that he would give away $1M USD on stream if he hit it. He spent the next several hours giving away the money in various sums to his friends and people in his chat, which ultimately led to him receiving a massive boost in subscribers as well.

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When Train does gamble on Stake, he gambles large sums of money, often dealing in $1000 at a time slots bets. As a result, he has lost large sums of money on the site, but he never seems to run out of money, since Stake bankrolls his gambling habit.

His decision to gamble on stream has faced significant criticism over the past year, with creators like H3H3 and journalists calling out the harmful promotion of gambling on the platform. As a result of these critiques, xQc ended up quitting his gambling streams and apologizing for engaging in that conduct. However, Train, Adin Ross, and others have continued to produce gambling content on the platform, even after Twitch instituted new rules banning promotional codes from gambling sites.

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Of course, while Train is making a lot a month off gambling sponsorships, he also has reported millions in losses in January, so it is unclear how much money he walks away with when the gambling is done.


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