The Best Things to do in Las Vegas Besides Gamble! - Travel By Maya (2023)

Walk The Las Vegas Strip

My favorite thing to do in Las Vegas is to walk down the Las Vegas strip and check out the crazy hotels and the insane activities each hotel has to offer!

The Las Vegas strip is very long, and it does take a few hours to walk the interesting part of it.

Because of this, I recommend splitting your adventure into two nights. For the first night, for example, you can visit the northern part of the Las Vegas Strip, and on the second night visit the southern part of the Las Vegas Strip.

Also, in my opinion, you should only visit the Las Vegas Strip and the crazy hotels during the night. When it gets dark, all the hotels go crazy with the lights and everything becomes alive and colorful.

That’s the prettiest time to visit the Las Vegas Strip. It’s much prettier than seeing the Las Vegas Strip during the day.

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Watch The Bellagio Fountain Water Show

Walking down the Las Vegas Strip is a “must-do” activity for every visitor to Las Vegas.

The people watching are incredible and seeing in person, famous hotels and other iconic landmarks, will make you truly appreciate the grandeur and size of many attractions.

It is afantastic Las Vegas activityto do both day and night, each offering different experiences.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Las Vegas is the Fountains at the Bellagio Hotel.

Located in the center of the Las Vegas Strip, the Fountains are found in front of the hotel in plain view of the sidewalk and the street.

They are massive and easily capture the attention of anyone walking or driving past.

In the evening, at 15 or 30 minutes intervals, a thousand different fountains sway to music and light.

The display spans over 1,000 feet with water reaching as high as 460 feet into the air.

Each show lasts a few minutes. Best of all, it is free to watch. In addition, each show is unique, distinct in expression and interpretation, so you can catch multiple shows during your trip and never be bored.

Make sure you check online for the exact schedule as it changes by the month, day of the week, or time of the day.

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Go Zip Lining Over Fremont Street

One of the most exciting things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble, is zip lining over Fremont Street.

Walking the main drag in Vegas’ downtown is an attraction on its own, but flying above the action is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

With a light show canopy twinkling above (it’s actually the biggest video screen on the planet), a walk down Fremont Street’s five-block promenade always guarantees an interesting time.

But for the ultimate downtown experience, book your spot to zip line eleven stories above it all.

Known as SlotZilla, the Fremont Street zip line will let you soar just below the light show, but high enough to see all the excitement on the street below.

Buy your tickets early—you can purchase online or walk into the ticket office adjacent to the entrance.

Spots are limited, so walk-in availability is rare. Check out the weight restrictions before you book as well.

The main attraction is limited to those weighing 80-300 pounds, and you’ll need to step on a scale before buying tickets and before boarding.

Compared to other exciting zip lines at popular tourist attractions, this ride is slower and much more relaxing.

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Just prepare yourself for the end of the line when the attendants slam on the brakes to knock you out of your reverie.It can be jarring!

If you’re staying on the Las Vegas strip, you can get to SlotZilla on Fremont Street via The Deuce bus service, any one of the seven city bus routes serving the area, or with Uber, Lyft, or a taxi.

Or stay downtown! Most hotels in this area are older, but the nightly rates are usually super-affordable.

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Visit The Neon Museum

Ever wonder what happens to all of Vegas’ iconic signs once they’re retired?

At the Neon Museum, located near Fremont Street, over 200 signs that festooned the facades of casinos, hotels and restaurants of decades gone by lay about on the desert floor in an enormous “graveyard” for visitors to walk around and admire.

During the day, you can mosey around the grounds by yourself and take in the artistry of the enormous signs or take a guided tour to learn more about the history of the signs, its artists, and the Vegas history they each represent.

At night, you can purchase tickets to see Brilliant, where you can marvel at 40 of the vintage signs that have been restored and illuminated to their previous glory, while the rest of the signs are brought to life from the ground lighting.

The museum is a fun spot for travelers of any kind- photographers, for the interesting textures and layers; history buffs, for the storied histories of the signs and their connections to Sin City’s scandalous past; and evenVegas bachelorette partiesand Tik Tokers (the museum makes quite the epic backdrop for photos!).

Admission for adults starts at $20 per person and can range up to $28 (with discounts for children, students, and other groups).

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See The Mirage Volcano

The Mirage Hotel and Casino is well-known for its Volcano Show that is held nightly every night of the week.

The volcano show erupts to Ooo’s and Aahhh’s every hour from the lagoon in front of the main entrance of the resort on Las Vegas Boulevard.

It is a fiery show lasts almost 5 minutes with lava bursts and fire shooting into the air up to almost 120 feet high.

To make it even more of a spectacle, it is set to moody music composed by the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart and Indian composer Zakir Hussain and choreographed perfectly to fit that powerful tribal composition.

The Mirage Volcano Eruption is one of the best things to see in Las Vegas and is often included to start a party off with a bang on special itineraries like a50th birthday celebration in Las Vegas.

It is a free show for everyone and all you need to do is find an open spot. To get the perfect view, be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before the eruption in order to get a spot at the railing in front of the volcano lagoon.

Showtimes are on the hour beginning at 7pm until the last show at 11pm. However, they are weather dependent and often canceled when the winds are high for everyone’s safety.

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Visit The Flamingo Habitat

The Flamingo Wildlife habitat is one of the best non-gambling things to do in Las Vegas.

It is a place where people come to relax and enjoy themselves. Visitors can take a break from the hustle of the Las Vegas strip here.

The Flamingo Hotel & Casino is home to the habitat and it’s conveniently located on the Las Vegas Strip.

A hidden manmade oasis in the city, it’s home to a flock of nine Chilean flamingos!

The birds are incredibly friendly and walk around the habitat freely. The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat is home to a variety of birds, not just flamingos.

The gardens span over four acres and include streams, waterfalls, fish, turtles, and other exotic birds. You could easily spend a few hours exploring the area.

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There are Keeper Talks at 8:30 am and 2:00 pm to learn about the animals and their caretaking needs.

There is no cost to enter, making this one of the fewfree things to do in Las Vegas.

While the rest of the city is moving at a super-fast pace, you get to escape to an air-conditioned menagerie.

You’ll be surprised at how many people don’t know about the Flamingo Habitat and be envious of your experience. You might not have won big at the casinos, but Las Vegas is more than just gambling!

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Go on a Zion National Park Day Trip

Looking for fun things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble? If so then go on a 3-hour drive to Zion National Park in Utah.

Not only is it one of the most stunning national parks in the entire USA, but it’s an easy drive from Las Vegas.

Just get on I-15 hand head north out of Vegas. Once at St. George, Utah take exit 16 to UT-9, which is a 30-mile road that will take you to Zion National Park.

Once there, you’ll need to pay $35 per vehicle for a 7 day pass. And while the park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, try to get there early since this park is popular and parking lots fill up fast – especially atZion National Park in July.

If you can, make use of the impressive shuttle system and be sure to get some maps and park info from the Zion Canyon Visitor Center.

There’s even a cute little museum near the south entrance where you can learn more about the park and its natural history.

Next, marvel at the steep red cliffs that southwestern Utah is famous for as you hike to Angel’s Landing or and ride along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive.

From here, you’ll be able to see the Virgin River, the Emerald Pools, and even a hanging garden.

If you have the time for it, try to wade your way through the Zion Narrows hike before catching the Milky Way in all its glory as you do a bit of stargazing.

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Eat Brunch At Sadelle’s

Brunch is a must while in Las Vegas – especially if you are on agirls’ trip to Vegas!And there’s no better place to have it than Sadelle’s.

This luxurious cafe is located inside the Bellagio Hotel and offers a stunning view of the Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens.

It is frequently known as the best brunch spot in Vegas, which says a lot! The food is just as good as the view, with delicious brunch staples like eggs Benedict and pancakes on offer – make sure to try the Strawberry Tall Cake!

They also have some great mimosas if a boozy brunch is what you are looking for (you are in Vegas after all!).

The cafe serves brunch, lunch, and dinner, but it is definitely more popular for brunch.

Pricing is moderate, you may expect to spend about $50 dollars per person without alcoholic beverages.

Reservations are recommended but it is also possible to just walk in and ask if there are any tables available.

This brunch will definitely be one of the most delicious and memorable you will ever have 🙂

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Go on a Valley of Fire Day Trip

Taking a road trip is one of the best things in Las Vegas, if you are looking to get away from the party scene.

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Las Vegas is located near dozens of state and national parks as well as scenic recreation areas that offers spectacular landscapes and opportunities for hiking and camping.

One of the these places is Valley of Fire, the oldest state park in the state of Nevada that boasts over 40,000 acres of bright sandstone outcrops that resemble fire on a bright sunny day.

Valley of Fire makes for a perfect escape from Las Vegas, if you want to spend time outdoors and get some exercise.

Most hiking trails within Valley of Fire are easy to moderate and are suitable for the majority of hikers.

If you have nevervisited Valley of Firebefore, plan at least half a day for your road trip, as you will need time to enjoy the scenery, take at least a couple of hikes and have a picnic.

And don’t forget your camera, because the scenery at this national park is truly gorgeous! Keep in mind that unlike other popular outdoor areas near Las Vegas, Valley of Fire has very limited amenities.

There are no stores or restaurants throughout the state park and cell phone is very scarce in parts of this state park.

Bring at least gallon of water with you as well as some snacks so could spend your day enjoying this place.

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Visit Area 15

Area 15 is hard to describe until you see it for yourself. Imagine a mashup between futuristic tech mall meets art festival, and the resulting playground would be Area 15.

Just off the north end of the strip, Area 15 is one of Las Vegas’s newer attractions, having just opened up in September 2020.

Play in the Burning Man-esque art installations on your way in before you are transported into a neon paradise filled with art exhibits, vendors, and 16 experiences.

Beat your friends in the arcades or on the zipline.

Try all the latest tech: AI, VR, AR, and other mesmerizing entertainment before settling in at any of Area 15’s five dining experiences.

Check any special events that may be coinciding with your visit as well.

Tip: Make sure you don’t leave without going to Meow Wolf’s installation, Omega Mart.

It’s just your average joe supermarket…or is it? At Omega Mart, follow a storyline where opening a freezer door or picking up a cereal box can lead you to an immersive world.

It’s hard to explain; you just have to see what’s “in store for you”.

Entrance Fee: Area 15 is free to enter but currently requires reserving a ticket. Experience Fee: Each activity ranges in price separately from 5$ (Brainstorm) – $45 (Omega Mart)

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Go on a Antelope Canyon Day Trip

Las Vegas has enough entertainment to keep you plenty busy, even if you’re not interested in gambling.

If you’re willing to take a drive, there are even more adventures that can be done in a day trip.

Antelope Canyon is the most famous of the 1000+ slot canyons in America. Even so, many people have never heard of it, much less visited it.

If you get the chance to take a day trip from Las Vegas, you’ll want to considervisiting Antelope Canyon.

The red sandstone canyon has two parts: Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon.

You’ll want to research the difference between each to decide which one is best for you.

For instance, the lower canyon requires taking several sets of steep stairs to get down to where the tour begins.

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The upper canyon requires taking a ride in the back of a truck to get to the entrance of the tour.

It’s also important to know that since Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo Nation territory, you can only access the canyons by booking with one of their approved tour companies.

They are very knowledgeable about the canyon and some guides will even give tips on how to take better pictures while you’re there.

Tickets start at $50 for adults. The Canyons are located in Page, Arizona, about a four-and-a-half-hour drive from Las Vegas.

You’ll want to get an early start to make sure you are there while there is still good lighting.

Even if you don’t rent a car, there are tour companies available to book for the day trip.

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Go on a Gondola Ride in The Venetian Hotel

Visit The Haus of Gaga

If you are a Lady Gaga fan, or a fashion lover fan, I highly recommend visiting the Haus of Gaga!

The Haus of Gaga is a museum located at the Park MGM Resort & Casino. In the museum, you will find costume pieces, wigs, shoes, and props from over 70 of Lady Gaga’s most iconic looks (yes, including the meat outfit!)

Entry is completely free, and it’s such a fun experience for Lady Gaga fans and fashion lovers as well since her outfits are honestly insane and are perfect for fashion lovers!

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Go on a Race Car Ride Along

Get your adrenaline pumping off the Vegas strip by learning to drive a NASCAR race car, or have the heart-racing experience of aNASCAR ride along in Vegasat the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The home of two annual NASCAR cup race weekends, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway also offers adrenaline-filled experiences such as the NASCAR Racing Experience, Richard Petty Driving Experience, and the Mario Andretti Racing Experience.

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is located 7 miles outside of the Las Vegas Strip.

You will feel the thrill as you fly around the 1.5-mile tri-oval track at 160mph, with 12-to-20-degree banking in the turns.

The fun starts with learning how to maneuver in and out of the car. Since there are no doors, you just hop in through a “window”, with the roll cage and giant helmet making it more awkward.

Once inside the car, you are secured with a five-point harness and a foam collar for your neck.

Cost depends on how much time on the track you would like to have; there are several options.

Expect a basic ride along to cost $130 USD, with a video recording of your ride along offered as an add-on.

Riding in a race car is a thrill you will talk about for years to come. It takes incredible skill to drive a car like that.

You are sure to leave in awe of their driving ability.

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Visit The Grand Canyon

Another one of the best things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble, is to go on a Grand Canyon day trip!

You can either do a night in the area, or just go on a day trip. We took a day trip to the Grand Canyon. It’s a long drive, around 4.5 hours, but definitely worth it.

The Grand Canyon entry fee is either $30 for seven days per vehicle, or $15 for seven days per person.

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Is Vegas fun if you don't gamble? ›

Yes, Vegas is fun even if you don't gamble! In fact, the first two times I went to Las Vegas, I didn't gamble once and still had a blast. From shopping, to the free shows, all the lights, grandiose hotels and fun buskers on Fremont Street, Las Vegas is a visual feast for anyone!

What can you do in Vegas to pass time? ›

Some of the most popular daytime activities in Las Vegas include:
  • Hop-On Hop-Off Big Bus Las Vegas Tour.
  • High Roller Observation Wheel & Zip Line at The LINQ.
  • Stratosphere Observation Deck.
  • The Hoover Dam.
  • The Grand Canyon.
  • Springs Preserve.
  • Red Rock Canyon.
  • and many more!

Can you tour Red Rock Canyon on your own? ›

Most visitors drive their own vehicles or rent a vehicle to enjoy Red Rock Canyon. Shuttle service is not available around the Scenic Drive. Alternatively, you can take a guided outfitting tour that will pick you up from your hotel, drive you around Red Rock Canyon, and bring you back to your hotel.

What should I wear in Vegas? ›

Keep It Casual

Feel free to dress casually as you explore Vegas, meaning nice jeans or slacks with a collared shirt for men and a casual dress or slacks for women. At casinos, the dress code is also casual during the day though it becomes a bit more formal in the evening.

How many days should you stay in Vegas? ›

To make one's trip to Las Vegas one really needs at least a long weekend there. But even one night can be worth it - but five days is the best. Las Vegas is one of the most touristic cities in the United States and of the whole world.

How many days do you need in Vegas if you don't gamble? ›

3.5 days in vegas should be more than enough for you to see the major sites there.

Are drinks free in Las Vegas if you are gambling? ›

When you're gambling on the casino floor in Las Vegas, you can order almost any type of drink for free. Most casinos allow you to order a maximum of two drinks per person per order – tip well and always order the maximum! You can order a beer and a shot, a cocktail and a shot or a bottle of water, anything.

How much cash should I bring to Vegas? ›

So bring at least $40.00 for each day spent in Vegas just for basic living expenses but remember there are no frills or even beer in this budget. To enjoy Las Vegas at all, $100 or $150 a day would be much better.

How do you tip in Vegas? ›

For good service at any restaurant in Las Vegas, a 15 percent to 20 percent tip is the standard. However, if you receive poor service, you can tip a little bit lower. Not leaving a tip at all is in poor taste at a restaurant. If you're ordering from the bar, the bartender will also expect a tip.

How far of Adrive is the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? ›

Both the North Rim and South Rim (the two rims of Grand Canyon National Park) are located over 270 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. On average, both drives take approximately four and a half hours.

Can you leave the airport during a layover in Las Vegas? ›

What can you do in a six-hour layover in Las Vegas? You can get out of the airport and stretch your legs walking on the Strip. You can get a good meal at any number of fine restaurants. You can imbibe a drink or two at many fine establishments.

Is Valley of Fire worth seeing? ›

The Valley of Fire State Park is a brilliant, colorful outdoor destination located in Nevada, just one hour from Las Vegas. Filled with panoramic vistas, hiking trails, petroglyphs, scenic drives, and stunning red and pink rock formations, the Valley of Fire makes an excellent day trip from Vegas.

How far is the Hoover Dam from Red Rock Canyon? ›

Red Rock is about 50 miles or 1 hour away from Hoover Dam.

How far is Ring of Fire from Las Vegas? ›

What is this? It sits around 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas and is renowned for its unique, red rock formations dotted throughout the Nevada desert landscape. The Aztec sandstone gives the illusion that the area is on fire and that is where the name originated from.

Can you wear sneakers in Vegas? ›

A question we get frequently is can you wear flats to Vegas clubs? Flats are frowned upon while sneakers and flip flops are never acceptable. The dress code in Vegas casinos is miles away from the dress code at the nightclubs located within them.

What is the dress code for shows in Las Vegas? ›

Traditionally the Vegas shows do not have strict dress codes. Being comfortable is most important. You will ultimately find others who are more dressed up, and others who are more casual. Dress to impress, it's Vegas afterall, but most importantly have a great time.

What do you wear at night in Vegas? ›

Most casinos in Las Vegas do not have official dress codes. For men, it's appropriate to wear suits, formal jeans or dress pants, button-down shirts, dress shoes, blazers, and other types of formal clothing. Women should opt for an evening dress, gown, cocktail dress, and a pair of high heels or evening shoes.

What's the cheapest month to go to Vegas? ›

For the cheapest times, visit during the shoulder season of September–November and January–April. You can even find low rates during the summer when the city is at its hottest. However, avoid major holidays and aim for stays starting on Sundays, when the weekend crowds dissipate.

What is the best month to go to Vegas? ›

The best time to visit Las Vegas is from March to May and from September to November. While you'll find plenty of travel deals throughout the year, the spring and fall shoulder seasons offer the most moderate weather.

How much is a trip to Vegas for 2? ›

The average price of a 7-day trip to Las Vegas is $1,504 for a solo traveler, $2,701 for a couple, and $5,064 for a family of 4. Las Vegas hotels range from $44 to $189 per night with an average of $89, while most vacation rentals will cost $190 to $570 per night for the entire home.

Is a week in Las Vegas too long? ›

If you go to Vegas and spend a lot of time releaxing by the pool, sipping fruity drinks, etc then a week can be great. But if you are going to pool parties by day and clubs by night, a week will be exhausting. Vegas can be like drinking from a firehose. Be careful not to overdue it.

Where do Las Vegas locals gamble? ›

10 best locals casinos in Las Vegas
  • Tropicana Las Vegas. Reviewers said the Trop has great customer service and feels more like a locals casino than a Strip casino. ...
  • Aliante. Locals raved about the service at Aliante. ...
  • South Point. ...
  • Red Rock Resort. ...
  • M Resort. ...
  • Silverton. ...
  • Green Valley Ranch. ...
  • Sam's Town.

Is 5 days in Vegas enough? ›

In my opinion, 5 days is the perfect amount of time for a Vegas vacation. You'll get to explore as much of the Strip as you want, enjoy pool time, see a couple shows, experience the downtown and Fremont Street areas as well as some off-strip activities and attractions.

How can I get free food in Las Vegas? ›

Las Vegas, NV Free Food Resources
  1. Innovative Concept Transitional Housing. 4410 E. ...
  2. Community Food Bank of Clark County. 4168 N. ...
  3. Valley Vegas Church Food Pantry & Grocery Distribution. 4500 West Sahara Avenue. ...
  4. Las Vegas Rescue Mission. 480 West Bonanza Road. ...
  5. St. ...
  6. Three Square. ...
  7. Lutheran Social Services of Nevada. ...
  8. TCMI Food Pantry.

How much do you tip a cocktail waitress in Vegas? ›

Your Bartender – Drinks aren't usually cheap, and either are you. Plan on tipping your bartender at least $2 per drink, or between 15% and 20% of your total end-of-the-night tab. In the end, you might be saving money, as bartenders will often take care of good tippers with the occasional free shot or drink.

How do you get free drinks at casinos? ›

Just ask the bartender or cocktail waitress for their complimentary spirits and go from there.

Is it better to use cash or card in Las Vegas? ›

Yes it does matter. As long as you have got the right card (a mastercard that does not charge fee's) then paying by cc is always better as you get the best possible exchange rate. So yes bring less cash and pile everything onto your card and settle when you get back - but make sure you have the right card!

How much does an average meal cost in Las Vegas? ›

Average Daily Costs

While meal prices in Las Vegas can vary, the average cost of food in Las Vegas is $64 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Las Vegas should cost around $26 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

Where should you not walk in Las Vegas? ›

Areas to avoid in Las Vegas: East Las Vegas and Whitney

East Las Vegas neighborhood east of the Strip and Whitney city further south-east are also, according to media reports, places to avoid for tourists.

Are backpacks allowed in Vegas casinos? ›

Backpacks are allowed on the Strip. They are not allowed on Fremont Street.

Do I need to bring cash to Vegas? ›

It's always good to have a little bit of cash on you when you're exploring the city. There are plenty of opportunities to get some great street food and market knick-knacks in Vegas, but you can't always pay for these purchases on card. You can't always tip the waiter without cash either.

What is the $20 trick in Vegas? ›

When you check into a hotel you simply slip the front desk clerk a $20 bill with your credit card, while asking “Do you have any complimentary upgrades available?” The general rule of thumb is that the front desk clerk will check for upgrades and if they cannot find anything they will return the $20 tip, making it risk ...

How much should you tip when you win a jackpot? ›

There is no set amount for tipping after a jackpot. Many players will tip somewhere between a half to one percent of the jackpot. For a thousand dollar jackpot, this would be between $5 to $10 dollars. When you do receive a hand paid jackpot, they never bring you bills smaller than a twenty.

What is the proper tip for a buffet? ›

Sit-down restaurants and buffets

Tip somewhere between 15 to 20 percent for sit-down meal. Buffets can be less — about 10 percent.

How far of Adrive is the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? ›

Both the North Rim and South Rim (the two rims of Grand Canyon National Park) are located over 270 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. On average, both drives take approximately four and a half hours.

What is there to do in Vegas besides gamble Reddit? ›

Stuff to see & do in Vegas besides gambling
  • Stratosphere rides.
  • Treasure Island show.
  • Excalibur: Tournament of Kings dinner.
  • Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandala Bay Hotel.
  • Shark Tank at Golden Nugget.
  • Bodies exhibition at The Luxor.
  • Various arcades (Excalibur's Fun Dungeon looks good)
  • Pinball Museum.
31 Jul 2015

What is Las Vegas most known for? ›

Las Vegas is known for its casinos and world-class entertainment, but those are just two things to do in a city filled with attractions. On the Strip, you can take a spin on the world's largest observation wheel, the High Roller, ride on a Venetian gondola or watch the iconic Fountains of Bellagio.

Where do Las Vegas locals gamble? ›

10 best locals casinos in Las Vegas
  • Tropicana Las Vegas. Reviewers said the Trop has great customer service and feels more like a locals casino than a Strip casino. ...
  • Aliante. Locals raved about the service at Aliante. ...
  • South Point. ...
  • Red Rock Resort. ...
  • M Resort. ...
  • Silverton. ...
  • Green Valley Ranch. ...
  • Sam's Town.

How far is Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? ›

The Hoover Dam is on the way to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. The world-famous gravity-arch dam straddles the Nevada-Arizona border. It is located approximately 40 miles from the heart of Las Vegas, 95 miles from the Grand Canyon West, and 240 miles from Grand Canyon National Park.

How far is the glass bridge from Las Vegas? ›

The Skywalk is about 120 miles east of Las Vegas, NV, and 70 miles north of Kingman, AZ. It can also be accessed via the Grand Canyon West Airport.

Is the West rim of the Grand Canyon worth seeing? ›

The West Rim offers the Grand Canyon West Rim Trail, a 12.8-mile trail that features a river and is suitable for all skill levels. The Highpoint Hike at Guano Point has slightly rough terrain and is worth the walk to see some of the most beautiful views of Grand Canyon West and the Colorado River.

What is there to do in Las Vegas today Reddit? ›

As a dude here are a few of my favourite things to do in Vegas.
  • Exotics Racing.
  • Machine Guns Las Vegas.
  • people watch on the strip.
  • go to Park/T-Mobile during a Knights game (bet on the game)
  • Gamble.
  • foundation room at Mandalay Bay.
  • Jean George Steakhouse at Aria.
  • the Arcade at NYNY.
10 Nov 2021

What kind of food is Vegas known for? ›

Top Vegas Dishes
  • Miso-Glazed Chilean Sea Bass with Wok Vegetables. ...
  • Maine-Style Lobster Roll. ...
  • Cannoli. ...
  • Chicken 'N' Watermelon 'N' Waffles. ...
  • Banana Cream Pie. ...
  • Lasagna. ...
  • Top 10 Restaurants. ...
  • Top 10 Things to Do.

What color is Las Vegas known for? ›

Design and symbolism. The dominant color of the flag is royal blue, which symbolizes the blue skies of the state of Nevada. The gray stripe alludes to Nevada's nickname as "The Silver State".

Do any celebrities live in Las Vegas? ›

Celine Dion is Las Vegas royalty. She has a home in the Summerlin neighborhood. Another of the famous people that live in Las Vegas is Marie Osmond. She has a home in Henderson during her Las Vegas residency with her brother Donny Osmond.

Which slot machines pay the best? ›

What slot machines have the highest payout percentage? The Ugga Bugga slot machine game has the highest payout percentage, at 99.07%. The second highest is Mega Joker by NetEnt, with a 99% RTP.

Is there a way to tell if a slot machine is going to hit? ›

No one looking at the slot machine can predict the number it will choose next. This is why a slot machine can never be said to be “due” to hit a jackpot. It is also why those systems you find on the Internet will never work.

Who has the loosest slots in Vegas? ›

1) Circus Circus Hotel

A number of resources online suggest Circus Circus in Las Vegas for loose slots—it tips in favor of its players with an impressive payout percentage of 97.4%.


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