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You gambled, you lost, and now you’re trying to get your money back, right? Don’t worry, even the best of us have such misfortune.

The reason for your loss may be the wrong choice of games or not to benefit from the latest no deposit casino bonuses. The crucial thing is to learn from your mistakes and, most importantly, to understand why you have lost, so you can reduce the likelihood of similar failures in the future. However, we know that you are not here for a philosophy lesson or gambling career advice.

You are looking for an answer to a very simple question: Can I get my money back from the gambling website? Is something like this possible? Can you really get a “refund” from an online casino?

Gambling as a Service

Gamblers are actually “consumers”. There are casinos based worldwide and you can find Finnish online casinos from here. What they purchase from online casino 5 euro deposit sites is a service, and like all services, they must meet certain criteria. Otherwise, gamblers will be legally entitled to claim a variety of things, like any other consumers, including a refund. If you have purchased a TV, and if it is broken due to production failure, you can replace it with another TV or request a refund – this is your legal right. Theoretically, a similar situation applies to gambling: a service that you pay for as a consumer must meet certain standards, or you can ask for your money back.

So far, so good, right? Unfortunately, things are not this good in real life. Gamblers are not entitled to a direct refund like a normal consumer, because:

  • You are buying a service, not a product. It is easy to prove the manufacturing error in a product, and it is always possible to replace the products with new ones. However, this is not the case with service purchases. You may not replace your purchased service with another one, and if it is not guaranteed with the service, you will not be able to request a refund. As can be guessed, online casinos do not provide such a guarantee. The only thing you “buy” from casino sites is the right to play games of chance. And the only thing guaranteed by the casino site is to pay if you get a win. There is no guarantee that you will “win” the game. Therefore, it is not possible to claim that the service you receive is defective. In short, you cannot claim that the service you purchased was defective just because you lost.
  • This is like purchasing a month of membership for Netflix and requesting for a refund afterwards just because you did not like the movies & TV shows in it. Netflix provided a service and fulfilled its legal obligations – whether you like it or not does not give you a legal right for a refund. You can simply cancel your service if you are not happy with that, but that’s all – unless there is something seriously and legally wrong with your service, you cannot ask for a refund, and there is no way of getting your money back from the gambling site.

What About Rigged Games?

So, what is this “seriously and legally wrong” situation? It is cheating, of course. Like all other types of services, you have the right to claim your money back if the service you purchase is fraudulent/rigged. However, this is very difficult to prove, especially if you are not in the same country as the casino site. If you are a UK citizen and intending to play non gamstop slots, you should read terms and conditions carefully to make sure the platform you’ve chosen is a trustworthy one. Just because you suspect a fraud doesn’t mean it’s real. Predictably, the casino site will reject this claim, and all you can do is file a lawsuit in court and prove the fraud legally. And this will be a very hard job, as it requires that you have access to the game codes and the server log records. Even if you obtain them (and they are just the beginning), you must apply to a court in the country where the casino site is located and registered – otherwise, the court order will not be binding. Attorney and court costs will be very high -if you have not won a million-dollar jackpot, you can be sure it’s not worth the effort.

Wait, I Heard a Thing Called “Chargeback”

Of course you did. Chargeback is a service provided by banks, to the users of credit cards. If you purchased something with your credit card but did not receive the goods/service, you can ask for a refund from the bank itself. The thing is, you cannot chargeback online casino payments – it is very easy to prove that the merchant provided the service, which is the chance to play casino games, in this case. So your chargeback claim will be rejected, and your casino account will be banned. Do not use chargeback for online gambling losses – it never works as with other refundable services. You must accept the fact that there is no way of getting your money back. You played, you lost, and that’s the end of it; it’s called “gambling” for a reason.


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    1. How to Get Money Back from Gambling Site? (6)

      adrian cutts on 4th October 2020 4:46 pm 4:46 pm

      your article seems to assume that the reason for the chargeback is because of a loss. i am looking to do this as the casino is trying to not only avoid paying winnings but also my money back that i deposited. Losing i can handle but theft i cant


    2. How to Get Money Back from Gambling Site? (7)

      Dec on 15th October 2020 7:22 pm 7:22 pm

      (Video) Gambling Addict Spends $1M On Lottery Tickets

      You should be sacked for writing this – you can absolutely chargeback online casino deposits


    3. How to Get Money Back from Gambling Site? (10)

      Adam on 5th November 2020 4:08 pm 4:08 pm

      Wrong. You can chargeback a casino or bookmaker if they do not give you something you paid for i.e. sign up bonus not applied (as long as gambler follows all T&Cs). Some casinos try it on by not verifying an account before allowing a deposit to be made, then using verification as an excuse to not allow funds to be withdrawn. Most banks/credit cards will allow you to charge back these transactions. And usually the bookmaker/casino will not bother (or even be able) to dispute it. However, if you lose money gambling that’s your own fault!


    4. How to Get Money Back from Gambling Site? (11)

      I would like to ask has anyone played on Harry’s site .I joined had to do£50 deposit it never went through email them send would get my money back take up to 3 weeks that was 6 weeks ago



    5. How to Get Money Back from Gambling Site? (12)

      Aaron on 1st October 2021 7:14 pm 7:14 pm

      Article assumes you lost money. But what if you simply deposited money, changed your mind and then the agency won’t let you withdraw what you haven’t bet? What happens if you close the account. Do you just lose the money anyway? Assume you are withdrawing at least the minimum withdrawal amount.


    6. How to Get Money Back from Gambling Site? (13)

      Joshua on 9th November 2021 8:46 am 8:46 am

      So I have been depositing at an online casino called lady Linda. I have been gambling for a number of years and I have never had any problems with any casino. The other day I was looking through my online transactions , and there were around 20 transactions over the past 3 months. The thing is , those transactions all had different names. And the names seemed to be for everyday purchases even though I knew they were from that casino. I’ve done some research and I’ve discovered that this casino does not have a uk gambling licence, I’ve sent them emails asking for them to prove a licence but no reply. I have been in contact with my bank , NatWest , to report this but they have refused to look into it and take it as a fraud case. Does anyone have any advice on next steps I could take. Like I said I have no problem with betting and losing but the thought of this happening illageally has irked me . Especially with the bank not even considering it .


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    Can you claim back gambling losses? ›

    Gambling losses are indeed tax deductible, but only to the extent of your winnings and requires you to report all the money you win as taxable income on your return. The deduction is only available if you itemize your deductions.

    Who do I complain to about a gambling site? ›

    All gambling companies have to give details of their complaints procedures. These details will be available at the operator's high street outlet and online. If you feel that you've been treated unfairly by a gambling company, you can use Resolver to make a complaint to an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) service.

    Can you sue a gambling company? ›

    If you think that your rights have been infringed, or a betting company has not followed its responsibilities, then you may be able to make a claim. If you think that the outcome of a gambling transaction has not met the terms and conditions of the contract, then you have a right to take the matter to court.


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