How to Better Manage Your Bankroll While Playing Slots (2023)

Does it feel like you’re just losing money every time you play slots? Are you going through your bankroll too fast?

While slots strategy doesn’t require a lot of mathematical skill, you can create your own slots strategy to keep from draining your wallet. It’s called bankroll management.

Bankroll management in slots refers to the process of making financially sound wagers based on how much money you have to gamble with at any given time. It can help make your bankroll last longer so you can keep playing and even increase your chances of winning.

Here’s how to do it.

12 Tips for Managing Your Bankroll While Playing Slots

Follow these 12 steps to better manage your bankroll while playing slots, whether in-person or online:

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  • Only wager what you can afford.
  • Choose slots with maximum bets within your budget.
  • Make a gambling budget.
  • Hide your bank card away.
  • Find active slots.
  • Don’t overdo the autoplay.
  • Slow down on spinning.
  • Save a portion of your big wins.
  • Set a stop loss point and stick to it.
  • Track your winnings and losses.
  • Control your emotions.
  • Take advantage of casino bonuses and promotions.

Only Wager What You Can Afford to Lose

This is the golden rule of gambling. Before you go to the casino or log in to your account, determine what you can afford to play with — basically, how much you’re comfortable with spending and not getting back. This is an important step that can keep you from eating into your bankroll for future sessions or your living expenses.

Choose Slots With Maximum Bets Within Your Budget

Now that you know your absolute maximum amount you can lose, split your individual wagers up into what you can afford to lose in one spin. The bet size should be relative to the size of your bankroll. The general rule is not to bet more than 2% or 3% of your total bankroll.

If you have $200 to play with, avoid expensive slots and set your maximum wager at $4. However, that goes by fast in just 50 spins. Want 100 spins? Set your maximum wager to $2 per spin. Get 200 spins at $1 per spin. You get the idea. It all depends on whether you want to make it last so you have more fun, make it last to have some leftover bankroll to roll over to your next session, or maximize your wagers by going for bigger wins.

Read the paytables of each slot you want to play to see what the maximum and minimum bet sizes are. Then only stick with the slots that are within your betting range.

Make a Gambling Budget

If you plan to gamble regularly, budget out a certain amount from each paycheck or each month that’s just for gambling that month. Alternatively, you can build up a bankroll by saving smaller amounts of money from each paycheck and then start playing once you’ve saved up enough for a certain number of sessions.

Either option will ensure that you don’t dip into the money you need to live. Just make sure the gambling budget is relative to your living expenses. This requires a lot of discipline but is so worth it.

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Hide Your Bank Card Away

Once your bankroll is gone, don’t try to load up again. Avoid the temptation by leaving your cards at home. If you’re going to the casino, only bring enough cash that you can deposit onto the casino card or put right into the slot machine (and to pay for drinks if you want them).

If you’re playing online slots at an online casino, your payment info is saved on your account, so practice discipline to avoid depositing more money.

Find Active Slots

Though myths about slots will tell you that some slots are more loose than others, an active slot is just one that pays out more frequently or in larger amounts.

Look for the slots’ return-to-player (RTP) rate. This is the average rate at which a game pays out to a player per $100. The higher the RTP rate, the more “active” the machine is.

You should also find a slot that has the right volatility for how you like to play. Want to win more frequently? A low-volatility slot pays lower amounts more often. Want to win larger amounts? Slots with high volatility don’t hit as often but the payouts are bigger.

Lastly, review the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement’s report on jackpot wins over $50,000. It tells you which games (both online and in land-based casinos) in New Jersey have paid out huge jackpots, for how much, and when. Consider playing the slots that appear on the report multiple times as those may be a bit more lucky than others.

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Don’t Overdo the Autoplay

Autoplay allows you to hit spin once and watch the wins roll in. It reduces the lag time of manually hitting spin every time, so you’re spinning (and wagering) more often. And the more times you wager, the more chances you have to win.

But this also means you’re running through your bankroll faster. If you have a large bankroll, using autoplay should be fine. If you’re low on funds, stick with manual spin for a while so you can make it last a bit longer and adjust your bet sizes.

Slow Down on Spinning

Similarly, you can also slow down and take a small pause between each spin so that you’re not going through your bankroll as quickly. This can be a great strategy for those looking to play as long as possible.

Those who want to maximize their winnings can benefit from a slow down, too. Alternating between lightning speed and relaxed speed makes you aware of your bankroll and how much you’re spending.

Save a Portion of Your Big Wins

Treat your wins as investments, and split them up wisely.

Let’s say you have a bankroll of $300 and you hit a $1,000 win. You might be thinking, “Now I have $1,300 to play with.”

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Instead, consider setting aside half (or more) of that win for future sessions or personal spending money outside the casino. You’re still left with $500 plus your $300 bankroll, giving you a boosted bankroll of $800. But you’ve also got $500 set aside for the future.

Set a Stop Loss Point and Stick to It

While your bankroll is the absolute maximum you’re willing to lose in one session, you should also set an overall loss limit — the amount of money lost in consecutive or incredibly frequent losing spins that signals you to call it quits.

This can help you learn to identify a losing streak and quit before you chase down that losing streak and waste potential funds for a future lucky session.

Track Your Winnings and Losses

Keep track of the results of each slots session so you can understand your actual wins and losses. Consider keeping notes on:

  • The amount you started with
  • The amount you ended with (if any)
  • Which machines/games you played
  • Any big wins and for how much
  • Any losing streaks and for how much
  • Any winning streaks and for how much
  • How you felt before and after playing

All these factors can help you see how much money you’re spending and whether you’re actually making money and having fun. Some are a bit more meticulous than others, but having this information makes you think of bankroll management more like budgeting rather than just not blowing all your money on one machine.

Control Your Emotions

Like all forms of gambling, you should try to leave your emotions out of your decisions. Emotions can lead you to make decisions that go against your best bankroll management judgment. For example, you’re on a losing streak. Instead of letting fear and anxiety take over, let logic tell you that you might want to take a break or call it quits.


Take Advantage of Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Many online casinos give new players free spin credits or deposit match bonuses. You can use these free play opportunities to potentially win and boost your bankroll at no risk to your own money.

But always read the terms and conditions to figure out the playthrough requirements. These can include an amount you have to wager of your own money before you can claim any winnings you earned while playing on a bonus and a deadline to meet these requirements.
Check out our reviews of the online casinos in New Jersey and their bonus offers!


How to Better Manage Your Bankroll While Playing Slots? ›

Ideally, you should only spend upwards of 5% or 10% of your entire bankroll per session. There's an accepted rule that the more you bet on online slots, the more you stand to win. With that in mind, if you're not that experienced and don't have a large bankroll, it's best to stick with slots with lower betting limits.

What should your bankroll be for slots? ›

Ideally, you should only spend upwards of 5% or 10% of your entire bankroll per session. There's an accepted rule that the more you bet on online slots, the more you stand to win. With that in mind, if you're not that experienced and don't have a large bankroll, it's best to stick with slots with lower betting limits.

Is it better to bet lower on slot machines? ›

Even in pure dollars and cents, playing higher-denomination games means bigger bets and more risk. If you're betting $3 on a three-coin dollar slot that pays 95 percent, your average losses will be more money than if you're betting 40 cents on a 40-line 1-cent game that pays 86 percent.

How do I manage my casino bankroll? ›

10 Tips for How to Make Your Bankroll Last
  1. Join a VIP program. ...
  2. Claim deposit bonuses. ...
  3. Play slowly. ...
  4. Play for smaller limits. ...
  5. Play at a two-seat machine. ...
  6. Only increase your bets with your winnings. ...
  7. Play games where the odds/house edge can be reduced with strategy. ...
  8. Take frequent breaks.
Aug 10, 2018

How do you maximize wins on slots? ›

Bet the max wager to increase your jackpot chances.

Even on non-progressive machines, the jackpot payout for the maximum credit bet is typically markedly higher than at any other level. Since you can't win a progressive jackpot if you don't bet the maximum, it makes sense to spend your money wisely by betting the max.

Should you bet higher on slots? ›

In slots, like in video poker, the higher the bet — the more you can win. And, at the same time, the smaller the bet...the smaller the wins. So, yes: your bet determines how much you win on slots. Slot machine payouts are proportional to what you wager in the game.

How much money should you play slots with? ›

In short, you want to have a larger bankroll than the figure that you ultimately come up with. To be on the safe side, you should have $350 or more instead of just $250.

Is there a strategy to slots? ›

Slots are almost entirely down to chance, meaning there is very little strategy involved, and every player has the same odds of winning. You simply spin the reels and hope to match symbols along the various paylines. For a more detailed breakdown of the rules, check out our page on how to play slots.

What slot machines are most likely to hit? ›

Which Slot Machines Pay The Best: Top 10 Slots That Give You the Best Chance of Winning
Slot GameGame DeveloperRTP
Blood SuckersNetEnt98%
StarmaniaNextGen Gaming97.86%
White Rabbit MegawaysBig Time GamingUp to 97.72%
Big Bad WolfQuickspin97.3%
6 more rows
Apr 20, 2023

How do you know if a slot machine is going to hit? ›

You cannot tell when a modern slot machine will hit because the outcome of each spin is random. No matter how many times a machine has spun, and no matter what the outcomes of those spins were, the probability of the next result remains the same. But people often believe otherwise.

How do I not waste money on gambling? ›

  1. Let go of common gambling fallacies.
  2. Decide if gambling is really worth it.
  3. Self-exclude or use a gambling blocker.
  4. Replace gambling with other activities.
  5. Identify your gambling triggers.
  6. Uncover what's driving your gambling.
  7. Seek gambling-specific counseling.

How to make $100 dollars last at a casino? ›

8 Tips for Going to the Casino with $100 to Gamble
  1. Play Lower Volatility Games. ...
  2. Find a Lower Minimum Bet. ...
  3. Reduce Your Lines. ...
  4. Play Games that Spin Slower. ...
  5. Seek Out Older Games. ...
  6. Play Games With Lengthy Bonuses. ...
  7. Let the Game Do Its Thing. ...
  8. Walk Around More.

How much of your bankroll should you bet per day? ›

We recommend staying somewhere between 1-3% of your bankroll. This allows you to stay measured and disciplined in your sports betting, and the pros seem to agree. It's rare to see a professional bettor wager more than 1% of their bankroll on any one event.

Is it better to play one slot machine or move around? ›

Well, mathematically speaking, there is no difference whether or not you are playing one slot or moving around the casino. Due to the fact that slots are built around RNGs, and the consequence of every spin is totally arbitrary, you'll get the same fate whether you play at one slot the entire day, or move around.

What triggers a jackpot on a slot machine? ›

The most common ways to trigger a jackpot slot include: Randomly on any spin – like in the Mega Moolah slots. If you line up certain symbols on a payline – like the Megajackpots Cleopatra slot. Via a mini-game bonus – like in the Mega Fortune slot.

Do slots hit better at night? ›

Does the Day or Time Make a Difference in Your Chances of Winning? It's essential to know that there's no magical time to play at the casino and win more money or earn payouts more frequently. Winnings result from chance, with probabilities remaining the same no matter the game or time of day you play.

Is it better to play slots with more or less lines? ›

In general, the more lines you play, the more chances you have to win. But the more lines you play to, the more each spin is cost. Makes sense given that the house is more likely to lose when more lines are played.

Why do I keep losing at slots? ›

Having no Budget for Profit or Loss

Continuing to play after you win, hoping for even bigger wins, will always lead to losing the won money and probably more. Similarly, you will also overspend when you choose to chase your losses. A player should have a budget and avoid going past it.

What is the best slot to make money? ›

What slot machines have the highest payout percentage? The Ugga Bugga slot machine game has the highest payout percentage, at 99.07%. The second highest is Mega Joker by NetEnt, with a 99% RTP. Jackpot 6000 by NetEnt and Uncharted Seas by Thunderkick come in second and third, with RTPs of 98.8% and 98.6%, respectively.

Should you bet max on penny slots? ›

Most of the time, unfortunately, no – there is no benefit to placing a max bet. On most slot machines, the payout ratio for wins will increase equally with the bet you place. If you wager $1 and win $2, a $10 bet would have won $20, just as a $100 bet would have won $200. But that's not always the case.

Are slots 100% random? ›

1) Slots are random. All spins are independent, with ONE exception. That is a "must-hit," as discussed below. 2) The percentage they are set at is theoretical.

Can casinos control slot machines? ›

The truth is, yes – casinos can control a slot machine or rig it only to give players small wins. Some casinos work with developers to create exclusive games. This gives them even more access to a game's code and RNG.

How to win at the casino with $20? ›

8 Strategies to Win Money at the Casino with Only $20
  1. Gamble at a reputable casino.
  2. Take advantage of online bonus offers.
  3. Play games with high return to player.
  4. Follow betting guides for the game you're playing.
  5. Place smaller wagers.
  6. Try different games if you're on a cold streak.
Apr 30, 2023

What to do before going to casino to attract fortune? ›

Lights: Before you head to the casino or your next poker night, turn on all the lights in the house. It might seem like wasted energy, but apparently leaving the lights on will bring you luck! Lady Luck: Have you ever seen someone ask a woman to blow on their dice, roll them, or choose where to place a bet?

Which casino has the loosest slots? ›

Circus Circus Has the Loosest Slots on the Strip

It's the casino's win percentage depending on the likelihood that a player will win at their slot machines—a statistic that all casinos are required to report to the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Should you leave a slot machine after winning? ›

The main reason to leave a machine after hitting a substantial jackpot has nothing to do with whether or not you think the machine will pay off again. After you have a nice win it is perfect time to take a break and lock up a win.

Should you manually stop slot machines? ›

I told him that it really makes no difference. Nearly all games remain random when you stop the reels yourself. The random numbers that determine your outcome for that spin have already been set before you stop the reels. Game designers call it “illusion of skill.” You feel like you have control of the game.

When should you stop playing slot machines? ›

A sure sign that it is time to walk away from a specific slot machine is multiple losses. No one is going to give you much of a recommendation in this case. It will be up to you to determine how many losses is enough. If you keep spinning and coming up with losses, it is time to try another machine.

What is the number 1 rule of gambling? ›

The golden rule of gambling is this: Never gamble more than you are willing to lose.

What medication is used for gambling addiction? ›

There is no specific FDA-approved pharmacotherapy for the treatment of gambling disorder. Researchers are testing a variety of drugs, and some show promise. To date, there are randomized clinical trials that show favorable outcomes for escitalopram, lithium, nalmefene, valproate, topiramate, paroxetine, and naltrexone.

What is the best day to gamble at a casino? ›

You have a higher chance of winning on Mondays: Some gamblers believe that players have a higher chance of winning on Mondays. They believe that casinos pay higher in order to keep weekday gamblers playing after the weekend crowd must have left.

How to win $100 on slot machines every time? ›

8 Tips for Going to the Casino with $100 to Gamble
  1. Play Lower Volatility Games. ...
  2. Find a Lower Minimum Bet. ...
  3. Reduce Your Lines. ...
  4. Play Games that Spin Slower. ...
  5. Seek Out Older Games. ...
  6. Play Games With Lengthy Bonuses. ...
  7. Let the Game Do Its Thing. ...
  8. Walk Around More.

What pays the most in a casino? ›

High Paying Casino Jobs
  • Casino Accountant. ...
  • Dealer. ...
  • Table Games Dealer. ...
  • Gaming Associate. ...
  • Blackjack Dealer. Salary range: $18,000-$36,000 per year. ...
  • Slot Attendant. Salary range: $24,000-$34,000 per year. ...
  • Bingo Caller. Salary range: $17,500-$32,000 per year. ...
  • Poker Dealer. Salary range: $18,000-$32,000 per year.

What is the bankroll rule? ›

Poker Bankroll Rule of Thumb

The rule of thumb for a cash-game bankroll is to never have more than 5% of your entire roll in play at one time. This means a 20 buy-in minimum for single-table cash games, and more for multi-tabling.

Can you make a living sports gambling? ›

Yes. Sports betting can be a career if you make it your full-time job and put in the hours. While only a small percentage of sports bettors are profitable in the long run, it's possible to become one of those individuals. First, you need to follow the basics.

What is a good bankroll for 1 2 no limit? ›

If you are playing pot limit or no limit poker, the safe recommended size of your bankroll is 20 times the full buy-in of where you want to play. This means that if you want to have the best chance of making money at a $1/$2 game where the maximum buy-in is $200, you should have a bankroll of at least $4000.

Do slot machines hit in the morning? ›

Casino games have shown us hefty bettors, all day and all night! So, when the question comes, whether slot hits in the morning, the answer is- IT DOES! You can play slot games anytime you want!

What denomination slot machine pays best? ›

Back to the slot denominations and table games. So given the numbers, what games should you consider playing to potentially get the biggest bang for your buck? The lowest casino win percentage among slot machine denominations — and thus the highest win percentage for players — is for nickel slots.

How do slot machines decide when to pay out? ›

Casino owners or machine manufacturers do not have any control over the payout of the slots. These machines are powered by a Random Number Generator. In modern machines, instead of mechanical parts, RNG uses highly sophisticated algorithms that generate 100% random and independent numbers.

How often do slot machines hit the jackpot? ›

Real-world conditions vary. Not all slots within a casino have the same jackpot hit frequency, most paying a lot less often than once per 10,000 spins. On a game with a big multimillion-dollar jackpot like Megabucks, the jackpot chances are closer to 1 in 50 million.

What happens when you win big on a slot machine? ›

Larger winnings may be paid as a lump sum or periodically as an annuity. Some casinos don't give gamblers an option for how winnings are paid. If you receive an annuity, you can convert it to a lump sum by selling it — but you will not receive the full value of your winnings.

Are slot machine wins predetermined? ›

Some people feel predetermined bonuses are somehow unfair. The reality is that RNG-based games use math and the paytables to determine what a game will pay over time, including in a bonus. A predetermined bonus will pay a certain amount over time.

What percent of your bankroll should you gamble? ›

How big should my bets be? You should only risk 2-5% of your bankroll per wager.

What is a good bankroll in cash? ›

There is a rule of thumb that says you should ever have more than 5% of your poker bankroll in play at any one time. This equated to a 20-buy-in minimum for cash games. Twenty buy-ins at $1/$2 is $4,000. However, you may want a larger bankroll and that is perfectly OK.

What is a good bankroll for cash games? ›

Cash game. A good rule of thumb for cash players is a bankroll of at least 20 buy-ins (some players prefer as many as 40-50). That means if you are going to play NL10 (blind of $0.05/0.10) and the maximum buy-in for the table is $10, then you would ideally have at least $200 in your account.

What is the 80 20 rule in gambling? ›

The 'Pareto Principle' claims that about 20% of customers (“vital few”), make up 80% of the gambling activity within the sample.

How much does the average gambler spend at a casino? ›

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In a year when casinos broke records for profits, a profile of the average Las Vegas visitor goes a long way toward explaining why. People who came to Las Vegas gambled an average of $717.51 in 2021 — about $126 more than in 2020, according to the Las Vegas visitor profile released last week.

How much is considered a bankroll? ›

A bankroll is the amount of money you have set aside for sports betting. This is important because if you start with an initial bankroll of $1,000 and you lose it all, you should probably take a break. It's a method to abide by so you don't go overboard and dip into your life's savings.

What bankroll for blackjack? ›

Blackjack bankroll strategy

Another way of working out your necessary funds is by looking at how much you want to bet each hand. Let's say you want to play blackjack for $25 a hand. If you stick to the 3% rule, that means you should have a starting blackjack bankroll of $833.

How do you dominate cash games? ›

Take these tips to a cash game near you
  1. Bluff-catch with your medium-strength hands.
  2. Mostly bet when you flop a strong hand.
  3. Bluff on the flop when you have backdoor draws.
  4. 3-bet your premium hands (QQ+, AK).
  5. Check on the flop a lot in multiway pots.
  6. Bet often when heads-up and in position.

What is an aggressive bankroll strategy? ›

An aggressive BRM approach involves playing with at least 10 buy-ins. For example, if you have a bankroll of $450, this equates to 9 buy-ins for NL50 or 18 buy-ins for NL25. With this bankroll you should play NL25 at the highest, and if you drop below 10 buy-ins move down to NL10.

How much money should you bring gambling? ›

if I'm playing a $5 minimum table game (such as craps or blackjack), I'm gonna want at least $100. If I'm playing quarter slots with a five-coin bet (though I hate slots) I would want at least $25.


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