Earning Free Cruises with Royal Caribbean – Know Your Slots (2022)

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So far, we’ve spent much of our time focused on discussing comps with land-based casinos. But there’s also opportunities to earn other sorts of comps for your gambling history in other ways. Earlier this year I took my first-ever cruise thanks to URComped, and was able to get a complimentary cruise on Royal Caribbean. We’ll talk about how that works in another post, but I wanted to focus on Royal Caribbean – once you have your foot in the door, there’s tremendous opportunity to continue enjoying cruises.

So today we’ll talk about how Royal Caribbean’s comp system works. In their case there’s two components – your point earnings, which offers some options, and the actual cruise earning potential, which of course encourages you to come back and gamble some more, but at the same time also offers another (nearly) complimentary travel opportunity.

The Comp System

Like most casino operators, Royal Caribbean’s Casino Royale casinos has a Club Royale players club. Unlike some cruise operators, Royal Caribbean is straightforward about how points are earned and what your tiers get you, which makes it very easy to plan for when budgeting for your cruise.

Club Royale has four tiers; as you move up the tiers you get access to a growing list of benefits. The tier year begins April 1, so you have from then until March 31 to earn points each year. Points are earned for your gaming:

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  • Slots: Get a point for every $5 of coin-in.
  • Video Poker: Get a point for every $10 of coin-in.
  • Table Games: A $10 average wager on Blackjack for one hour will earn you 10 points. (This is refreshingly transparent even compared to land-based casinos.) But like most casinos, they offer a blanket “points earned will vary based on game and bet,” since various games have various house edges to them and the point earning usually depends on that.

Each point is the equivalent of two cents in value. The points can be redeemed in two ways:

  • Freeplay: Convert the points to freeplay, giving you additional gambling money in the casino.
  • Onboard Credit: Apply the points towards your bill.

Whatever you choose, you must redeem before the cruise’s conclusion; points do not carry over to a future cruise. So unlike some comp systems you can’t maintain a balance and use it for a future trip – it’s all self-contained.

It’s a straightforward system, and about the same as Caesars’ in terms of point earning quality (but double the comps). Other land-based casinos may give you more for your coin-in, but there’s the cruises to consider as well.

Earning Free Cruises

The other aspect of gambling on Royal Caribbean is they’re also equally straightforward about having a fair shake at earning another cruise.

Based on the amount of points you earn on a given cruise (as mentioned above, it’s all self-contained per cruise), you can earn discounts towards your next cruise. Or, if you earn enough points, you can even earn a free cruise. For the first 2,000 points earned, you basically earn $100 increments off a future cruise for every 400 points accumulated (which is $2,000 in coin-in):

(Video) CASINO ROYALE ~ How We Get Comped Cruises!

  • 400 points: $100 off selected cruises
  • 800 points: $200 off selected cruises
  • 1,200 points: $300 off selected cruises
  • 1,600 points: $400 off selected cruises
  • 2,000 points: $500 off selected cruises

You’ll see selected cruises – for the vouchers earned based on the most recent trip, you’re given a list of choices, and you have 30 days in which you can redeem the voucher after you return from your previous cruise. It’s very much set up to encourage an immediate follow-on booking.

Once you get past 2,000 points, you start to reach the point where earning free cruises can be possible. As you continue to climb the point chart, the type of room can improve dramatically:

  • 2,500 points: certificate for an interior inside cabin
  • 3,600 points: certificate for an ocean view cabin
  • 4,800 points: certificate for a balcony cabin
  • 6,500 points: certificate for a balcony cabin (with additional cruise dates)
  • 8,000 points: certificate for junior suite
  • 15,000 points: certificate for junior suite (with additional cruise dates)
  • 25,000 points: certificate for grand suite

UPDATE 8/22/21: I confirmed on my most recent cruise Royal Caribbean tweaked the inside cabin up 100 points to align with the PRIME requirement, just to make it less confusing. However, they also added “additional dates” levels for some of the other earnings tiers, which is reflected in the latest list above.

Similar to the discount vouchers, complimentary trips earned while on the cruise must also be redeemed within 30 days of returning to land.

However, in a very helpful quirk, there’s a second way to earn a free cruise, and that’s through the Club Royale tier system itself.

(Video) How to plan and redeem your FREE Cruise offer with Royal Caribbean

PRIME Cruise Earning Potential

Royal Caribbean also allows you to earn an annual cruise with a lot more options through the Club Royale program. Once you hit 2,500 points you reach their second tier, PRIME, and that offers you a free interior cabin on any trip up to seven days with very few limitations on ships and dates. If you tier up further, you can earn a balcony or grand suite, but you only get one free cruise from the program. Still, if you expect to be an annual cruise taker, that 2,500 milestone gives you two cruises you can access – one from the trip milestone, and one from the PRIME tier.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the earnings per cruise doesn’t change based on the length of a cruise. So if you take a 3-day cruise or a 7-day cruise, the point amount you need to earn is still the same. So those who prefer to bet lower may find their chances of earning a cruise increases with 7 days in which to earn it vs. a shorter cruise, given casinos are generally closed when the ship is at port.

What Is and Isn’t Covered

One thing to keep in mind is while the core fare is covered on those free cruises, certain aspects are not. First, what’s included:

  • Your core fare for two people
  • All food in the standard dining areas (the dining room, buffet, snack bar, etc.)
  • Certain basic drinks: Tap water, milk, juices for breakfast, basic coffee and iced tea (nothing alcoholic for sure.

There’s plenty that’s not included, that no matter whether you’re paying for your cruise or not still factor in to your trip planning:

  • Port taxes and fees, which vary by itinerary – the original cruise I took was less than $100 per person, and the second cruise I will be taking will be $135; there’s an extra stop so that helps explain the increase, so expect that longer cruises with more stops will have a higher cost there.
  • Gratuities, which on Royal Caribbean for the standard rooms is $14.50 a day, per person (suites are $17.50 a day, per person). So the longer the cruise, the higher the gratuities as well.
  • Specialty dining experiences, which are outside the included meal packages and can include steakhouses, sushi/seafood restaurants and many more.
  • Alcoholic beverages and premium drinks, such as mocktails, bottled water, and even soda. You can buy a drink package that gets you unlimited of what you want, but you do pay extra.
  • Any excursions or experiences you wish to take in at various ports.
  • Travel costs to get to where the cruise is departing.
  • Internet packages are sold separately as well. Reaching PRIME level gets you a discount, and if you tier up further internet can be complimentary.

So there’s obviously other ways for Royal Caribbean to make money off your time on board, but most of these costs are very visible and you can prepay for just about everything in advance (and for things you purchase, traditionally get a discount for doing so prior to getting on board).

(Video) Free Cruise on Royal Caribbean Using the MyVegas App

There are a couple of costs that becoming a PRIME tier level helps you avoid. One is you avoid the convenience fee if you get cash from the Casino Royale cashier and bill it to the room. It’s just treated as a room charge, not a cash advance, so that is a huge savings for those who wish to get cash in this way while onboard. You get free drinks while in the casino as a PRIME member, which can save a ton of money over buying an alcoholic drink package if you’re going to be in the casino regularly, or only want drinks periodically.

Additional Casino Offers Monthly

Once you’re in the system, and have played on cruises, you can also qualify for other casino offers. You can see what’s available to you by logging into the Club Royale Offers portal. The offers are loaded at least monthly, but tend to come more frequently than that.

Sometimes these offers can be more generous than the defaults; while I’ve never earned to anything larger than an inside cabin, I was offered a balcony and an ocean view cabin for two cruises that I’ve booked since I’ve begun cruising with Royal Caribbean.


If you’re going to cruise at least once a year, and you are planning to gamble on board, it’s helpful to know how you can earn cruises in the future. While you certainly will spend money in the casino for that free cruise, it helps you avoid falling a touch short and then only getting a discount, or missing out on opportunities you’ve already earned by not redeeming the cruises from both the most recent trip and the Club Royale program.

Are you a Royal Caribbean cruiser? Do you take advantage of all the perks available to you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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How many Royal Caribbean points do you need for a free cruise? ›

After hitting the Pinnacle Club level, you'll get an additional free cruise every time you accumulate another 350 points. In other words, you'll get an initial free cruise after hitting 700 points and then additional cruises at 1,050 points, 1,400 points, 1,750 points, etc.

How many casino points do you need to get a free cruise? ›

Once you hit 2,500 points, you've reached Prime status which unlocks new perks like a waived casino convenience fee, drinks on us at Casino Royale℠, discounts on VOOM® high speed internet packages, exclusive rates for family and friends, and a complimentary interior stateroom on one cruise each year.

What Cruise Line is giving away free cruises? ›

If you are a first-responder, you might have a free cruise with your name on it. Margaritaville at Sea will offer free cruises to the Bahamas for current and former U.S. military members, fire, police, and EMS personnel and educators, the cruise line said Wednesday.

How do you win on cruise ship casinos? ›

Talk to the people that are running the bingo game ask them when the big game is and then that way

What does 10000 Royal Caribbean points get you? ›

Royal Caribbean Visa Signature® card benefits and features

You can use those 10,000 points for a $100 onboard credit through the MyCruise Rewards Program. And while this isn't the highest bonus we've ever seen, it's a decent offering for a $0-annual-fee card and there's no minimum spending requirement.

Do Royal Caribbean Cruise points expire? ›

Do Royal Caribbean points expire? No, points you earn in Crown and Anchor never expire and the status you earn is good indefinitely. In fact, if you cruised with Royal Caribbean in the past and never created an account, you can still get credit for those sailings and the points you earned.

How many points is diamond on Royal Caribbean? ›

After 30 completed cruise points, they are eligible to become Platinum members. After 55 completed cruise points they are eligible to become Emerald members. After 80 completed cruise points they are eligible to become Diamond Members. After 175 completed cruise points they are eligible to become Diamond Plus members.

Do cruise ship casinos pay out? ›

But if you're a casual gambler, then you might not realize there is something more that the cruise lines often do to make even more money. Cruise ship casinos offer some of the poorest payouts of any casino you'll find. As the only game in town, you can't just head off to another casino with better payouts.

Can you win money on cruise casinos? ›

Yes, every cruise ship casino has penny slots. But they offer so many variations of ways to win that, at 1 cent per variation, your 1 cent bet can easily end up costing you more than $2 a go.

Do Carnival employees get free cruises? ›

Carnival offers comprehensive benefits including health and wellness, paid time off, financial benefits, and employee perks based on your position at Carnival. The top perks of working at Carnival include free company cruises along with discounts to better understand the business.

Do Florida residents get deals on cruises? ›

Some cruise lines such as Disney, Carnival and Royal Caribbean often offer discounted rates for Florida residents. Even if your party includes some non-Floridians, typically only one guest needs to provide a valid proof of a residency for everyone in your cabin to receive the discount.

Where does margaritaville at Sea leave from? ›

Margaritaville at Sea is an exciting new offshore resort experience. The first ship, the Margaritaville at Sea Paradise, is based out of the Port of Palm Beach with two-night/three-day cruises to Grand Bahama Island. The ship's experience offers the fun, escapism and state of mind synonymous with our iconic lifestyle.

Can you smoke on cruise ships? ›

Can you smoke on a cruise ship? You may smoke on a cruise ship, but only in designated smoking areas. On most ships operated by U.S. cruise lines, all indoor public spaces are off-limits with the exceptions being the casino (or part of the casino), a cigar lounge (if the ship has one) and one or two other lounges.

How much do you have to spend in Carnival casino to get free drinks? ›

We've got exclusive casino offers just for you — starting with FREE drinks + $50 to spend in the casino.

What is the best card to use on a cruise ship? ›

Best credit cards for booking cruises
CardEarning rate on cruises
Chase Sapphire Reserve3 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar (after using your $300 annual travel credit).
American Express® Green Card3 Membership Rewards points per dollar.
Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card2 Capital One miles per dollar.
3 more rows
19 Jul 2022

What credit score do you need to get the Royal Caribbean credit card? ›

Annual fee$0
Rewards2x points on Royal Caribbean and 1x points on all other purchases
Purchase APR15.49% to 25.49% variable
Balance transfer APR15.49% to 25.49% variable
Minimum Credit Score670
2 more rows
2 Feb 2021

How much are Royal Caribbean points worth? ›

Royal Caribbean Credit Card points are worth 1.13 cents each, on average. That means 10,000 Royal Caribbean Credit Card points have a value of roughly $113. Royal Caribbean Credit Card points are more valuable than the average cruise points, which are worth almost 0.98 cents each.

How do you earn extra points on Royal Caribbean? ›

You can earn one Cruise Point for every cruise night you sail with us, and DOUBLE the points when you purchase a suite. For instance, if you complete a 7-night cruise, you'll earn 7 Cruise Points, and when you purchase a suite you'll earn 14 Cruise Points. Further terms and conditions apply.

How many cruises to be platinum? ›

The 3 membership levels are based upon the total number of completed eligible cruises: Silver Castaway – 1 completed cruise. Gold Castaway – 5 completed cruises. Platinum Castaway – 10 completed cruises.

How long does it take to get Royal Caribbean points? ›

The onboard credit will be posted to your onboard account within 48 hours of your verified ship sailing. Discounts are applied approximately 3 months prior to sail date, just before final payment.

Do suite guests on Royal Caribbean get free drinks? ›

Welcome to the most elevated spot for indulging in your favorite eats and libations. Reserved exclusively for guests of Grand Suite-level accommodations and above, the Suite Lounge serves complimentary continental breakfast and evening drinks. From croissants to your favorite drink, we've got your cravings covered.

Is Royal Caribbean at full capacity March 2022? ›

RCI-Royal Caribbean cruise ships to be back to full capacity by summer 2022. The cruise shipping industry is slowly moving back towards normal numbers by getting more ships back into service and more guests onboard. Full capacity is expected to return this summer.

Do Diamond members get free laundry on Royal Caribbean? ›

Free laundry once per cruise - Diamond Plus and above

Royal Caribbean offers a Wash and Fold offer to all guests, which comes at a price of $34.99 and allows you put as many small pieces of laundry in a bag as you can for a fixed rate.

What is the most someone has won in a casino? ›

A player known as 'young engineer', only 25 years old, played the slot machines at the Excalibur in Las Vegas. Here he won the jackpot of over $39.7 million.

What should you not bring on a cruise? ›

Read on for our list of what not to bring on a cruise.
  • Household Appliances Like Irons and Coffeemakers. The clothes iron -- that keystone to a frump-free formal night -- is, as far as we can tell, banned industry-wide. ...
  • Weapons and Restraints. ...
  • Liquor or Beer. ...
  • Books. ...
  • Toys That Will Get You in Trouble.

Are cruise ship casinos open 24 hours? ›

Whether it's Christmas day or 1 a.m. on a Sunday, casinos are 24/7 entertainment. That's not the case on a cruise ship, where casinos are only open for limited hours. Cruises visit other countries, which often have local laws and regulations so casino opening hours reflect those rules.

How far offshore do you have to go to gamble? ›

Historically, international waters began just 3 miles (4.8 km) from land in many countries. Gambling ships, like offshore radio stations, would usually be anchored just outside the three-mile limit.

What time do casinos close on cruise ships? ›

First, they are closed while the cruise ship is in ports of call, usually to adhere to local regulations. They are also closed in the mornings while the ship is underway. Most casinos will open late morning (typically around 11 a.m. local time) and stay open throughout the day and well into the next morning's hours.

Can you use cash to gamble on Royal Caribbean? ›

Cash is accepted in the casino. How do I access cash to play in the casino? Enjoy Cashless Wagering at the slots and table games. Guest can charge up to $5,000.00 per day with their SeaPass card to their onboard folio account when a valid credit card is posted.

How much do crew members make on a cruise ship? ›

A cruise ship crew member for Carnival, Royal Caribbean, or Norwegian Cruise Line can earn an annual average between $16,000 to $20,000. For leadership staff onboard cruise ships, the annual salary can be much higher from $30,000 to $100,000.

Do cruise ship employees get free room and board? ›

"In addition to their salary, crew members typically receive free medical care, room and board, meals, and many other benefits that are often unavailable in their home countries," said a representative for the Cruise Lines International Association, a trade association for the cruise industry.

How much does a Carnival cruise waiter make? ›

How much does a Server make at Carnival Cruise Line in the United States? Average Carnival Cruise Line Server monthly pay in the United States is approximately $2,098, which is 25% below the national average.

What is resident rate on cruises? ›

Several cruise lines have what's called a “resident rate,” a discount for those who live in the same state—or close to—a port city. Sometimes other states are included in targeted promotions. Carnival has upcoming deals for residents of Florida and Georgia on several cruises to the Bahamas.

Does Disney Cruise give discounts? ›

Save on a future Disney Cruise Line vacation by taking advantage of our special onboard-only booking offer. When you do, you'll enjoy: 10% discount off prevailing rates as quoted on Disneycruise.com. Reduced deposit on 7-night or longer sailings.

What is the difference between the Disney Dream and fantasy? ›


This is the most important and most fundamental difference between the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy. While the Dream sails three, four, and five-night Bahamas itineraries, the Disney Fantasy will alternate seven-night itineraries in the Eastern and Western Caribbean.

How many outfits do I need for a 5 day cruise? ›

Pack nice outfits for formal night, but something they can be comfortable in. Pack five or six outfits (a couple extra for babies), two swimsuits, a jacket, sweater or hoodie, and comfortable shoes!

Are meals included with Margaritaville at Sea? ›

Dining on Margaritaville At Sea Paradise

What's a cruise without yummy food? Margaritaville at Sea Paradise has a number of restaurants, about half of which are included in your fare. Fins Restaurant and Port of Indecision Buffet will serve as your included spots. Feel free to have a feeding frenzy here.

Why was the Margaritaville cruise ship Cancelled? ›

The delay was due to issues with doors on the ship. The Coast Guard caught the safety hazard during the ship's annual inspection. Operations are now back in order with passengers on board ready to sail but Hrica and many others left in the Bahamas are waiting another night before returning to the United States.

What triggers a jackpot on a slot machine? ›

Slot machines contain random number generators that can generate thousands of numbers per second, each of which is associated with a different combination of symbols. Whether you win or lose is determined by the random number generated in the exact instant you activate each play—if it matches a payline, you win.

What are the luckiest slot machines? ›

Top 10 slot machines with the highest RTP in 2021
  • Ugga Bugga 99.07% RTP - Playtech. This curious offering is unlike other slots. ...
  • Mega Joker, 99% RTP - NetEnt. This NetEnt classic is beloved by slots fans. ...
  • Jackpot 6000, RTP 98.8% - Netent. ...
  • Blood Suckers, 98% RTP - NetEnt. ...
  • White Rabbit Megaways, 97.77 RTP - Big Time Gaming.
28 Jan 2021

How much money should you put in a slot machine? ›

Having a goal in mind can help you find the right slots money amount to bring with you. If you are looking to get a large payout, it pays to bring as much disposable cash as possible. For a casual experience, you just need to set aside about 10% to 25% of your travel budget to enjoy any slot games.

Can you smoke on the balcony of your room on a cruise ship? ›

Smoking is not permitted in any dining venue, theater, bar, lounge, hallway, elevator, and jogging track. Smoking is not permitted inside any stateroom and any stateroom balcony. This applies to all stateroom categories onboard.

Can you buy cigarettes on Royal Caribbean? ›

Royal Caribbean

For smokers, there are dedicated smoking areas on the ship but these are reserved for cigarettes that were purchased prior to boarding the ship. Guests found to be in breach of the smoking rules will be fined $250.

Are vape pens allowed on Royal Caribbean? ›

Generally, the use of e-cigarettes on cruise ships is regulated by the same rules as smoking. There're no special places for vaping. You will vape in the designated areas where smoking is allowed. The big three cruise lines — Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian — all adopt this policy.

How do you get free drinks on Royal Caribbean? ›

7 ways to get free drinks on a Royal Caribbean cruise - YouTube

Do you get free drinks in a casino on a cruise? ›

Casinos. Booze doesn't flow as freely in a cruise ship casino as it does in Las Vegas, but if you're a frequent player or a high-roller, you may earn free drinks while you're playing on your current or a future cruise. Check with your casino host for the offerings.

What drinks are free on cruises? ›

On most mainstream cruise lines, however, only certain beverages are included in the fares. Complimentary drinks typically include tap water, basic coffee, tea (iced or hot), hot chocolate (from a packet or machine), milk and a selection of juices with meals.

How many points is a cruise Royal? ›

You can earn one Cruise Point for every cruise night you sail with us, and DOUBLE the points when you purchase a suite. For instance, if you complete a 7-night cruise, you'll earn 7 Cruise Points, and when you purchase a suite you'll earn 14 Cruise Points. Further terms and conditions apply.

How do you get free stuff on Royal Caribbean? ›

6 Things You Can Get Free On A Cruise - If You Ask ! - YouTube

What are the point levels for Royal Caribbean? ›

After 30 completed cruise points, they are eligible to become Platinum members. After 55 completed cruise points they are eligible to become Emerald members. After 80 completed cruise points they are eligible to become Diamond Members. After 175 completed cruise points they are eligible to become Diamond Plus members.

How many points do you need for Diamond Plus on Royal Caribbean? ›

How Does Royal Caribbean's Crown & Anchor Loyalty Program Work? Crown & Anchor members -- who earn points for each night spent at sea -- are the lifeblood of the cruise line. Reaching Diamond takes 80 points while Diamond Plus requires 175 and Pinnacle takes fully 700.

Is Royal Caribbean at full capacity March 2022? ›

RCI-Royal Caribbean cruise ships to be back to full capacity by summer 2022. The cruise shipping industry is slowly moving back towards normal numbers by getting more ships back into service and more guests onboard. Full capacity is expected to return this summer.

Does Royal Caribbean have happy hour? ›

Royal Caribbean ups the ante by hosting nightly happy hours for its Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members on select ships with Diamond Lounges. On other ships, these highest-tier loyalty members receive complimentary drink vouchers each night in lieu of the happy hour.

What do you get in the Diamond Lounge on Royal Caribbean? ›

Drink Vouchers

Each day of the cruise, Diamond members receive four vouchers, Diamond Plus members receive five vouchers, and Pinnacle Club members receive six vouchers. These can be used at any bar, at any time, in the lounges during Happy Hour or in our private destinations.

Can I live on a cruise ship year round? ›

Certain cruise lines have rooms designed for full-time living with six month and yearly lease options. Others simply allow you to book out a room for a specified period of time. Certain cruise lines have special programs for retirees.

What should you not bring on a cruise? ›

Read on for our list of what not to bring on a cruise.
  • Household Appliances Like Irons and Coffeemakers. The clothes iron -- that keystone to a frump-free formal night -- is, as far as we can tell, banned industry-wide. ...
  • Weapons and Restraints. ...
  • Liquor or Beer. ...
  • Books. ...
  • Toys That Will Get You in Trouble.

Is ice skating free on Royal Caribbean? ›

But onboard, excitement like this comes standard— and the ice skating comes complimentary. Children and adults, from beginners to masters, are invited to strap on a pair of skates and show off their moves.

Do Diamond members get free internet on Royal Caribbean? ›

Each Diamond member receives one free 24 hour period of unlimited internet. Or you can opt to use your perk for a discount on a package.

How do you get double crown and anchor points? ›

The double points offer is exclusive to our most loyal guests, the Crown & Anchor Society members! Members will receive double Cruise Points on bookings made through September 30, 2021 for sailings departing January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022.

How do you earn Captains Club points? ›

How do I earn points? Celebrity Cruises Captain's Club members earn points every night they spend onboard a Celebrity Cruises ship. Points are rewarded depending on stateroom or suite category and the quantity of nights spent onboard.

How many cruises do you have to go on to become a Diamond member? ›

After five cruise credits, they are eligible to become Platinum members. After ten cruise credits, they are eligible to become Diamond members. And those who have earned twenty four cruise credits, they are eligible to become Diamond Plus members.

Who has the most crown and anchor points? ›

Crown & Anchor Society
  • Gold: 3-29 Cruise Points.
  • Platinum: 30-54 Cruise Points.
  • Emerald: 55-79 Cruise Points.
  • Diamond: 80-174 Cruise Points.
  • Diamond Plus: 175-699 Cruise Points.
  • Pinnacle Club: 700+ Cruise Points.
  • Hertz Gold Plus Rewards.
  • MGM Rewards.
1 Mar 2022

How do I get Diamond Plus? ›

As a Diamond, you get great perks.
Within Diamond status, there are three levels based on earned tier credits:
  1. Diamond – after earning 15,000 tier credits.
  2. Diamond Plus – after earning 25,000 tier credits.
  3. Diamond Elite – after earning 75,000 tier credits.
17 Dec 2021


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