18 Capital One Venture X Benefits (2023)

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When Capital One launched the $395-annual-fee Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card at the end of 2021, they created a premium travel credit full of enticing benefits. The card’s value is boosted by Capital One’s expanding list of airline transfer partners and is a no-brainer addition to any bonafide point collector’s arsenal.

In discussing the benefits of any travel credit card, there are four key aspects to consider: welcome bonuses, earning rates, redemption options and recurring perks. Beyond that, when discussing premium cards like the Venture X, it’s worthwhile to keep in mind the ongoing protections that are offered. While it may have taken the folks at Capital One a little longer to join the ranks of transferable-point currencies, the Venture X card was worth the wait.

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Generous Welcome Bonus

Currently, the Capital One Venture X offers 75,000 bonus miles after spending $4,000 on purchases within the first three months of account opening. Thanks to their wide-ranging list of transfer partners, that’s enough for a one-way business class plane ticket to almost anywhere in the world. Plus, the earning potential on this card is also fantastic, allowing you to quickly bolster your mileage balance.

Big Rewards for Travelers

Capital One has made it easy to accrue miles quickly, especially for those who spend money on travel. This card clearly prioritizes travel spend, as it earns a generous 2 miles per dollar on all eligible purchases, 5 miles per dollar on flights booked through Capital One Travel and 10 miles per dollar on hotels and rental cars when booking via Capital One Travel.

For those travelers who prefer to book their flights or hotels directly, without using an online travel agency like the one offered via the Capital One travel site, the Venture X card offers double miles on all other purchases across the board. This means that no matter what you’re purchasing with the Venture X card, you are guaranteed to be earning at least 2 miles per dollar spent.

Multiple Redemption Options

As a transferable-point currency, when it comes to redemptions Capital One offers three main options: Either you can transfer your Capital One Rewards to one of the issuer’s travel transfer partners directly (mostly at a 1:1 ratio), you can redeem miles for travel purchases or you can redeem directly through the Capital One Travel portal.

Transferring Miles to Airline Partners

Capital One took a huge step forward in Jan. 2019 when it gave cardholders the option of transferring their miles into partner-airline miles (as well as a hotel partner or two). At the time, it was a welcome change and a fantastic value bump for Capital One miles, despite the fact that miles transferred at a rate of 2:1.5 (or 0.75 airline miles for every one Capital One Rewards point). However, in June of 2022, Capital One improved the ratio to 1:1 for nearly all of its partners.

Having miles like this can be a huge benefit to travelers looking to push the envelope on the value of their miles with international business class redemptions. With a bit of research, you can unlock some true mileage-redemption gems by transferring points to programs like Etihad Guest, Aeroplan, FlyingBlue and others.

Redeeming for Travel Purchases

Redeeming directly through Capital One Travel means you can offset the cost of any retail travel purchase, regardless of whether there’s proper “mileage availability” or not. What’s great about this feature is that you don’t have to pay for the entire purchase with your points if you don’t want to—you can choose to simply offset part of the cost if you don’t have enough miles or simply prefer to save some for a future trip.

Redeeming in the Capital One Travel Portal

Interestingly, when it comes to redeeming miles for economy flights, booking through Capital One’s portal will often provide better value than transferring to partners. You can also use the portal to book hotel stays at properties where you don’t need to utilize elite benefits. Lastly, if you’re not a traveler, you can redeem your points at the same $0.01 per point value for gift cards directly through Capital One.

Recurring Perks

In addition to the ongoing travel and protection benefits, the Venture X card comes with three notable recurring perks: An anniversary bonus, an annual travel credit and a TSA PreCheck or Global Entry credit. It’s important to note, that while some benefits are extended to the cardholder as well as authorized users, these three recurring perks are only offered once for the entire account, not once per cardholder.

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A 10,000 Mile Capital One Venture X Anniversary Bonus

Beginning with the second year of card membership, all Venture X cardholders will receive a 10,000-mile anniversary gift, valued at $100 towards travel when booked through Capital One. These points come with no strings attached and are deposited each year on your cardmember anniversary after paying the annual fee. As a result, they can be used in conjunction with your other points, in the same way as any other miles you may have earned in the previous year.

An Annual Travel Credit

In addition to an anniversary miles bonus, Capital One offers each Venture X cardholder with up to $300 in travel credits each year. This credit is valid towards any travel purchase made through the Capital One Travel portal. If you typically make your bookings directly with a hotel, airline and/or car rental company, don’t forget to make at least one booking via Capital One’s portal to take advantage of this generous annual offer.

A $100 Trusted Traveler Application Fee Credit

As is the case with other premium travel credit cards, the Capital One Venture X offers a $100 credit towards either a TSA PreCheck or Global Entry application fee. A nice bonus with this perk is that either the primary cardholder or an authorized user could use this credit, However, be aware the credit can only be used once per valid period so it’s best that you and any authorized users are in sync about who gets to take that application fee credit.

Other Valuable Benefits

After reviewing the rewards structure of a credit card, especially one in the travel space, the “extras” merit serious consideration too. Nearly all premium rewards cards offer welcome bonuses, annual or recurring perks and some type of category spend-bonuses to incentivize using their product. Beyond all that, some of the lesser-touted benefits on the Venture X, such as travel and purchase protection, price watching and lounge access make this card shine.

Primary Auto Rental Coverage

You never know when things will go wrong, but thankfully, the Venture X has you covered in multiple scenarios.

When you pay for the entire car rental with your Venture X card and waive any collision damage or loss damage coverage offered by the agency, paying with the card acts as primary rental insurance for up to $75,000¹. This can save you money on the total cost of your rental as most car rental companies tack on an additional fee for more comprehensive coverage.

Elite Status With Hertz

All cardmembers, including authorized users, can enroll in complimentary President’s Circle status with Hertz Rental Cars², which is their highest level of status and entitles you to perks like skipping the counter and heading straight to your car at select locations and a free automatic car class upgrade.

Trip Insurances and Protections

Another useful set of benefits that come with the Venture X card are the trip delay¹, cancelation and interruption¹ protections you receive. The benefits cover you for up to $500 for a flight delayed more than six hours, if the tickets were purchased with the Venture X card and were booked on a commercial flight. Although you’re only entitled to one claim per trip, each person in your party can file a claim.

The card also offers interruption and cancellation insurance, which is good for up to $2,000 for any trip canceled for a covered reason. Non-refundable travel purchases made with the Venture X card including tours, hotels and flights are covered under this benefit.

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Purchase Protections

In a world where swiping our cards has become second nature and purchasing things online is more common than ever, having a card with purchase protection can give you peace of mind. The Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card comes with three main purchase protection benefits, which they break down as Purchase Security¹, Extended Warranty¹, and Return Protection¹.

The Purchase Security protects you and your items in the event of theft or damage. These claims are generally quite involved and almost always require a police report or other official documentation, but the benefit covers you up to a maximum of $10,000 per item and up to $50,000 per year. What’s best is that you only have to have paid for at least part of the item with your Venture X, rather than needing to have paid for the entire purchase.

The Extended Warranty coverage offers a one year extension on warranty for any products that come with a built-in warranty of three years or less. The benefit here is capped at $10,000 per claim and $50,000 per calendar year, but if your item is worth less than the $10,000 limit you can’t claim beyond the value.

Last but not least, is one that is tough to find outside the premium travel credit card space: Return Protection. Any time you have an eligible item that you purchased using your Venture X and wish to return it within 90 days, but the merchant is unwilling to accept your return, you can apply for reimbursement of the item via Capital One up to a maximum value of $300 per item up to $1,000 maximum per year.

Appealing Authorized User Access

This particular perk is one worth mentioning for those looking to get their kids or other family members on a fast track towards good credit. Generally speaking, most banks require authorized users to be a certain age before officially adding them onto the account with a Social Security number. The Capital One Venture X card, however, allows you to add anyone as an authorized user at no additional fee. This is quite useful for parents who want to jumpstart their children’s’ credit profiles.

Expansive Lounge Access

Ownership of the Venture X card unlocks access to three separate airport lounge groups. Cardholders can visit the issuer’s Capital One Lounges. As of Sept. 2022, the only operating one is at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), but two more will soon be open at Denver International Airport (DEN) and Washington, D.C.’s Dulles Airport (IAD).

Venture X cardholders can also request a complimentary Priority Pass Select card, which would entitle them access to the Priority Pass global lounge network. And cardholders also get access to Plaza Premium lounges worldwide. Unique among premium cards is that the lounge access benefit is extended to include even authorized users and includes entry for the cardholder plus two guests.

Cell Phone Protection

Offering a cell phone protection benefit has become increasingly popular among credit card issuers. To take advantage of this benefit on the Venture X card, simply pay for your full cell phone plan each month with the card and in turn, you’ll receive coverage for up to $800 per eligible claim, up to two claims per year, minus a $50 deductible per claim¹. Although theft is not included, missing and broken parts, including screen repairs, are covered under this protection.

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Bottom Line

From welcome bonuses to generous earning rates, and from high-value redemption options to valuable protections and useful benefits, the Capital One Venture X stands tall in the crowded field of premium travel credit cards.

¹For Capital One products listed on this page, some of the above benefits are provided by Visa® or Mastercard® and may vary by product. See the respective Guide to Benefits for details, as terms and exclusions apply.

²Upon enrollment, accessible through the Capital One website or mobile app, eligible cardholders will remain at upgraded status level through December 31, 2024. Please note, enrolling through the normal Hertz Gold Plus Rewards enrollment process (e.g. at Hertz.com) will not automatically detect a cardholder as being eligible for the program and cardholders will not be automatically upgraded to the applicable status tier. Additional terms apply.


18 Capital One Venture X Benefits? ›

Yes! Just remember that enrollment is required for authorized users to activate their Priority Pass Select membership. Authorized users also get access to Capital One Lounges, Plaza Premium Lounges, travel insurance, and much more.

Do venture x authorized users get lounge access? ›

Yes! Just remember that enrollment is required for authorized users to activate their Priority Pass Select membership. Authorized users also get access to Capital One Lounges, Plaza Premium Lounges, travel insurance, and much more.

What is the highest credit limit on a Venture X card? ›

Although the typical credit limit approved for the Capital One Venture X card is anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000, we've seen approvals as high as $75,000! Usually, your credit limit is determined by your income and your creditworthiness.

Is venture x hard to get? ›

Yes, it is hard to get the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card because it requires excellent credit for approval. Unless your credit score is 750 and you have a lot of income, it will be difficult for you to get approved for the Capital One Venture X Card.

Do authorized users on Venture X get priority pass? ›

The up to four complimentary authorized users on the Capital One Venture X receive several perks, including: A Priority Pass membership, providing access to 1,300+ lounges around the world; Priority Pass memberships issued through Capital One allow you to bring up to two guests into lounges with you.

Is lounge access free with Venture X? ›

Yes, Venture X cardholders, including authorized users and account managers, receive complimentary membership (upon enrollment) to Priority Pass, which includes complimentary lounge access for all guests traveling with the Priority Pass member.

How much should I spend if my credit limit is $1000? ›

A good guideline is the 30% rule: Use no more than 30% of your credit limit to keep your debt-to-credit ratio strong. Staying under 10% is even better. In a real-life budget, the 30% rule works like this: If you have a card with a $1,000 credit limit, it's best not to have more than a $300 balance at any time.

Does Capital One automatically increase credit limit? ›

Cardholders in good standing (e.g. good credit score, consistent on-time payments) may also receive an automatic credit limit increase once or twice a year. If requesting an increase from Capital One, approval can happen immediately or could take up to 30 days to process.

What credit limit can I get with a 750 credit score? ›

What credit score is needed to get a high-limit credit card?
VantageScore 3.0 credit score rangeAverage credit card limit
Feb 15, 2023

How much is 75000 miles worth Capital One? ›

Earn 75,000 Bonus Miles With the Capital One Venture Card

Before we dig in, to unlock the 75,000 bonus miles, new cardholders will need to spend $4,000 on the card within the first 3 months of opening their account. By Upgraded Points' valuations, 75,000 bonus miles equate to a cash value of around $1,350.

How many credit cards is too many to have open? ›

It's generally recommended that you have two to three credit card accounts at a time, in addition to other types of credit. Remember that your total available credit and your debt to credit ratio can impact your credit scores. If you have more than three credit cards, it may be hard to keep track of monthly payments.

What income do you need for Capital One Venture? ›

However, there's no official minimum income amount required for credit card approval in general. It varies by credit card company and from individual card to card. For example, the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card requires at least $425 more in income per month than you...

What is the 6 month rule for Capital One? ›

Capital One also has a hard-and-fast rule when timing your applications. You're only able to get approved for one card every six months. This lumps personal and small-business cards together.

Is the venture x card metal? ›

Yes, the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card is a metal credit card.

Does venture x give you status? ›

Venture X cardmembers will receive automatic Hertz President's Circle status, which means you'll get guaranteed upgrades and will have the ability to choose from the widest selection of cars.

Does Capital One Venture give you lounge access? ›

Capital One customers can enjoy complimentary or specially priced access to Capital One Lounges with their Venture X, Venture or Spark Miles cards. Just show an eligible Capital One card or digital lounge pass—available in the Capital One Mobile app—to qualify for complimentary or discounted access.

Can my wife use my Priority Pass? ›

Can my membership card be used by someone else? The Priority Pass membership card is non-transferable. When you access a lounge, the staff will need to check that the name printed on your membership card matches your boarding pass.

Are guests free with Priority Pass? ›

Each cardmember Priority Pass Select membership includes two guests per lounge visit. For each additional guest beyond that, your card will be charged a fee per guest, per visit. Any guest visit charges will process after your Priority Pass lounge visit.

How to get free VIP lounge? ›

  1. Use cards that give free lounge access. ...
  2. Buy a third-party lounge pass. ...
  3. Buy one-time access to a lounge for as low as $23. ...
  4. Find free access with the LoungeBuddy app. ...
  5. Get free access as an active military member. ...
  6. Get an airline or alliance lounge membership. ...
  7. Gain entry with elite points status. ...
  8. Gain access with your ticket.
Jan 11, 2023

How do I know if my card is eligible for free lounge access? ›

How can I find out if my issuer provides me with complimentary lounge visits? If your issuer provides complimentary lounge visits, there will be a “Complimentary Visit” section under My Information on the app and under My Account on the web. If you do not have any complimentary visits, this section will not display.

Who pays for my lounge access? ›

When you are accessing a lounge based on your frequent flyer status, it's the airline you hold the status with that covers the cost for those third-party or alliance lounge visits, unless your travel class entitles you to access that lounge anyway, in which case it's back to the operating airline (or marketing carrier) ...

How much of a $1,500 credit limit should I use? ›

NerdWallet suggests using no more than 30% of your limits, and less is better. Charging too much on your cards, especially if you max them out, is associated with being a higher credit risk.

How much of a $5000 credit limit should I use? ›

If you have a $5,000 credit limit and spend $1,000 on your credit card each month, that's a utilization rate of 20%. Experts generally recommend keeping your utilization rate under 30%, ideally closer to 10% if you can.

How much of a $2000 credit limit should I use? ›

What is a good credit utilization ratio? According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, experts recommend keeping your credit utilization below 30% of your available credit. So if your only line of credit is a credit card with a $2,000 limit, that would mean keeping your balance below $600.

What should my credit limit be? ›

Your credit limit should be at least 3 times higher than your usual monthly spending. That's because your overall credit utilization ratio should stay below 30%. If your spending exceeds that, you risk damaging your credit score.

Why is Capital One so hard to get a credit increase? ›

The most common reasons Capital One may decline a credit limit increase request include: Your credit card account is not old enough. You've received a credit limit increase in the last six months. You've been past due on your account in the last several months.

How do I get a higher limit on Capital One? ›

How to request a credit limit increase. You'll need to give us some information like your total annual income, employment status and monthly mortgage or rent payment, so have that handy. Then, request a credit line increase and follow the directions to accept your new credit limit, if approved.

Can I get a 20k loan with 750 credit score? ›

You should have a 640 or higher credit score in order to qualify for a $20,000 personal loan. If you have bad or fair credit you may not qualify for the lowest rates. However, in order to rebuild your credit you may have to pay higher interest rates and make on-time payments.

How rare is a 750 credit score? ›

Your credit score helps lenders decide if you qualify for products like credit cards and loans, and your interest rate. You are one of the 46% of Americans who had a score of 750 or above in 2021, according to credit scoring company FICO. Here's how your 750 credit score can affect your financial life.

Is a 15k credit limit good? ›

Yes, a $15,000 credit limit is good, as it is above the national average. The average credit card limit overall is around $13,000, and people who have higher limits than that typically have good to excellent credit, a high income and little to no existing debt.

How much is 100000 Capital One miles in dollars? ›

100,000 Capital One miles are worth an average of $700, depending on how you redeem them. Capital One miles are worth the most when redeemed for travel, but you can also redeem for a statement credit, a check or gift cards, among other options.

What are 300000 Capital One points worth? ›

This brings your total haul up to 300,000 miles, worth $4,200 based on TPG's valuation of transferable Capital One miles.

What does 20000 Capital One miles get you? ›

Capital One miles are worth 1 cent each when redeemed for travel, 0.8 cents each when redeemed for gift cards and 0.5 cents each when redeemed for cash back. That means 20,000 Capital One miles are worth $200 in travel or $100 in cash back.

How many credit cards do you need to get a 800 credit score? ›

Consumers with 800+ credit scores have an average of 8.3 open accounts. High credit score consumers have an average of 8.3 open accounts — similar to the 7.9 we found in 2021.

Is it bad to have a lot of credit cards with zero balance? ›

It is not bad to have a lot of credit cards with zero balance because positive information will appear on your credit reports each month since all of the accounts are current. Having credit cards with zero balance also results in a low credit utilization ratio, which is good for your credit score, too.

Does cancelling a card hurt credit? ›

Credit experts advise against closing credit cards, even when you're not using them, for good reason. “Canceling a credit card has the potential to reduce your score, not increase it,” says Beverly Harzog, credit card expert and consumer finance analyst for U.S. News & World Report.

What is the lowest credit limit on Capital One Venture card? ›

The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card is a Visa Signature card. This means the lowest possible credit limit is $5,000. Having a score closer to 750 or above means you are more likely to get a credit limit that's at least $10,000.

What is Capital One Venture One credit limit? ›

What is the credit limit for the Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card? It seems the minimum credit limit for the Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card is $1,000. Limits as high as $10,000 have been self-reported by cardholders.

Can you have 2 Capital One Venture cards? ›

The quick answer is: Yes, you can apply for the Venture X card as an existing Venture cardholder. Unlike the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and Chase Sapphire Reserve – where you can only have one or the other open at any given time – you can hold both the Venture and the Venture X.

How much does Capital One increase credit limit after 5 months? ›

Automatic credit limit increase to $500 after making your first 5 monthly payments on time is for card holders that are on the capital one credit steps program.

What is the 5 24 rule Capital One? ›

The most important rule to consider in collecting points is the “5/24 rule.” The rule is simple: If you get 5 personal credit cards in any 24-month period, you're automatically prohibited from getting a 6th Chase or Capital One card.

Does Capital One raise your credit limit after 5 months? ›

Some Capital One cards offer the possibility of a credit line increase after as few as six months of card membership. If you have a card that doesn't offer this opportunity, you might also be able to get a credit line increase by requesting one from the card issuer.

Why is the venture card so heavy? ›

The Capital One Venture Card is made of stainless steel and recycled materials and weighs around 16 grams, compared to 5 grams for a traditional credit card made of plastic.

Is Capital One Venture X card heavy? ›

The Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card is the heaviest card from Capital One, coming in at 17 grams.

Does venture x get into delta sky club? ›

Offers access to Plaza Premium Lounges. Offers access to Amex Centurion Lounges. Offers access to Delta Sky Clubs.

How do I get my venture X fee waived? ›

You can add additional cardholders to your Venture X card for no annual fee. This is unlike the Amex Platinum card or Chase Sapphire Reserve, which have additional cardholder fees. However, those fees are waived for active duty military and their civilian spouses.

Can authorized users use airport lounges? ›

Authorized user benefits

Authorized users receive their own Priority Pass Select membership, which offers access to airport lounges and restaurants at select airports. They are not eligible for the annual travel credit or their own reimbursement for Global Entry, TSA PreCheck or Nexus.

Does Capital One Venture X give you access to airport lounges? ›

Holders of the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card have unlimited complimentary access to the lounges, as well as free entry for two guests per visit.

Can 2 people use same card for lounge access? ›

No, the primary cardholder can only use the airport credit card. Even the lounge will scrutinise the cardholder's name for ensuring safety and security. However, there are certain credit cards which allow family members to get the privilege of the lounge. How can I check if complimentary visits are available?

Can authorized users get into Centurion lounge? ›

Amex Platinum card authorized users get full access to the Amex Global Lounge Collection, including Centurion Lounges, and will receive their own Priority Pass lounge membership once enrolled. Additionally, authorized users can access Delta Sky Clubs with their cards when flying on Delta Air Lines.

Do authorized users get their own benefits? ›

Authorized users also gain access to most of the credit card's benefits, such as airport lounge access, rental car protection, purchase protection and other perks. While authorized users receive their own credit card, they do not have all the same permissions as the primary account holder.

Do authorized users get priority boarding? ›

Only the primary cardholder of an eligible Delta credit card qualifies for priority boarding. However, if an authorized user is traveling on the same reservation as the primary cardholder, they'll also get the benefit.

Can I use my dad's card for lounge access? ›

VIP Lounge

Many of us hold credit cards (including priority pass) for free acces to domestic and international lounges. Your spouse and parents are also able to access these lounges using their cards or as an add-on to your card. But banks don't issue credit cards or add-on cards to kids below 18 years.

Does Capital One Venture come with TSA PreCheck? ›

The Venture Rewards Card has similar cards beat when it comes to extra travel benefits and credits. While many travel credit cards offer some sort of insurance benefits with account ownership, Capital One takes it a step further and offers a handful of perks, including a credit for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry.

How to get free access to Capital One lounge? ›

To qualify for complimentary or discounted Lounge access, card accounts must be in good standing and cardholders must present their eligible Capital One card. Additionally, cardholders and guests must present a boarding pass for a departing or connecting same- day flight.

Is everything free in the Capital One lounge? ›

Those with the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card have unlimited complimentary access to the Capital One lounge. This includes the ability to bring up to two guests for free; the fee for other guests is $45 per visit. » Learn more: Should I get the Capital One Venture X Card?

Is lounge access free for family members? ›

You can add up to 10 authorized users at no additional charge. They get access to all American Airlines lounges if they are flying American or its partner (but not partner lounges as only the primary cardholder gets those too).

How many members can use lounge access? ›

The Primary card holder and the Add on member can jointly avail 3 complimentary access to Priority Pass lounges outside India in a calendar year.

Can I swipe my card twice in lounge? ›

5 Tips to Make the Most of Airport Lounge Access

You may swipe the same card twice or three times in the same month, provided that you have not reached your quarterly quotas in the case of cards that allow multiple swipes per quarter.

What is the 3 hour rule for Centurion Lounge? ›

If your same-day outbound flight departs after the lounge closes for the day, we will admit you as early as 3 hours prior to the lounge closing, subject to available capacity. Select lounges may allow access to eligible Card Members with a confirmed reservation for any same-day travel (departure or arrival).

How much is the Centurion guest fee? ›

The price for bringing a guest into an American Express Centurion Lounge is now $50 for adults and $30 for children aged 2-17. Children under two, however, can enter for free when accompanying an adult.

Do you need physical platinum card to get into Centurion Lounge? ›

To enter a Centurion Lounge, you must present your eligible Amex card, a boarding pass showing a confirmed reservation for same-day travel and your government-issued identification. You may be able to use the Amex mobile app for mobile check-in instead of showing your physical card.


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